October harvest because real food matters

Real Food Matters

Pop a pill and go on with our lifestyle.

Real Food Matters. Our love affair with food has had some very damaging results in the last few decades. Today we have more obesity, belly fat, Type II Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, and digestive problems than ever before. We pop a pill and go on with our lifestyle. But these are warning signs. Taking medication to treat the symptoms does not treat the underlying problem.

Rhenda with the Potato HarvestSo what does food have to do with these illnesses?

Food is everything to our body. It is by food that we get our nutrients.

It is from food that we absorb the vitamins and minerals needed.

It is by our food that we survive.

It is by our food that we get and stay healthy.

It is by food we damage our bodies and cause these illnesses.

Our same bodies that keep us going all throughout years of nutritional abuse, also respond beautifully when we eliminate the old way of eating and bring in the fresh, real food to nourish and heal. When we add exercise as a way of life, energy will become our companion.

My older friends say, “Don’t grow old.”

Growing older has so many distinctions. My older friends tell me not to grow old because it is so limiting. We tell them that the alternative is that I die now, so we choose to get old. We see so many of my generation and older in poor health and know it did not have to be.

We stopped consuming the refined, processed products that the corporations sell for profit.

We learned to grow my own vegetables in soil full of nutrients because real food matters.

We learned that good fats do not make you fat but we need them to make our bodies function appropriately.

We learned that our bodies are very resilient and can mask symptoms of disease for many years. However, as we get older, the body no longer makes up for the years of abuse and succumbs to illness.

Therefore, the alternative is not to die now, but to eat correctly now, to make exercise a daily part of my life, to grow food properly, to manage my stress, and to sleep at night. Then I can do as my older friends tell me, “Not get old”.

Jim on the Money bars showing that real food matters

Does USDA know that real food matters?

We have learned why real food matters and how much enjoyment there is in dining and eating it. We can feel the difference in my body when we put the correct fuel in and when we do not.

Real food matters in our lifestyle choices. But do they matter to the USDA?

  • the “food pyramid”
  • “choose my plate”
  • the “cholesterol regulations”
  • the low fat, high carbohydrate diet

All made by governmental agencies and companies. We believed these companies had the public’s best interest at heart. Perhaps the companies believed they did also.

What if they were wrong? What if the scientific studies they used were flawed? What if money and prestige and government behind the findings were all wrong?

Do we know we are guinea pigs?

We have been guinea pigs for the Government because we are the control group of their diet hypothesis. The current diet regulation from USDA, The American Heart Association, and The American Diabetic Association is based on faulty scientific studies. One error built upon another and in the 1970s. The McGovern Committee put into law the USDA requirements. The scientists of the day were screaming at the committee to stop the process because there were no good scientific results to prove that cholesterol/heart disease connection.

Real food matters because it is the fuel for our cells that allow our ability to move, to think, to walk, to grow, to live. There are products that we have been eating for years that are wrong for our body.

The food revolution has exposed:

  • fraudulent practices of promoting
  • unsatisfactory food,
  • unethical methods of preparation
  • growing food using pesticide.

Change comes slowly.  Monocrops grow in overworked soil. Development of GMO seeds are still continue. Herbicides and pesticides remain the norm to use.. These foods are available to us in cans, boxes, frozen food and fresh food. Some animals still live in over-crowded non-natural habitate. New words like Natural, Enriched, Fortified and Organic have surfaced and some have meaning while others are just a marketing ploy.

Rhenda with Chicken showing that real food matters

No diet fits everyone but remember real food matters

Numberless diets have us eat high protein, high carbohydrates, gluten free, wheat free, meat free, vegetable free, saturated fats, poly-saturated fats, good fats, bad fats, partially-hydrogenated fats, Trans-fat, oils, fructose, sugar substitutes, soy, high cholesterol, low cholesterol, cleansing, juices, counting points, counting calories, and labels, labels, labels.

Some of these are partially good for our body while others are partially bad. There is no one diet that fits all. But remember real food matters.

If losing weight is your only objective, you will just gain it back. Losing weight is not how you stay healthy. Being healthy is how you lose weight. Healthy eating is about eating real food that changes the years of damage done to your body. Wellness is a lifestyle change. Eating appropriately is a lifestyle change. Exercise is a lifestyle change.

We started this journey in 2008.

When we started this journey in 2008, there were few people who felt that fats were okay to eat.

It was very difficult to eat something that we had been programmed to believe was bad for us.

It was difficult to find the right food to eat on the road, in a restaurant, at a group gathering and in the grocery store.

Much of that has changed. More and more doctors and scientists realize that the hypothesis of cholesterol causing heart disease was wrong.

However, because big industries depends so much on the corn for high fructose corn syrup and the statin drugs, and many other reasons, the information has been buried. People are finally speaking out. We can find so much more correct food now, but it takes work.

It matters how we shop, how we eat and what we eat.

If real food matters, then it matters how we shop, how we eat, and what we eat. Moving our body, managing stress, getting a good night sleep and caring for ourselves mentally and emotionally are also the cornerstones of feeling well and being well.

We need to grow in a nutrient dense medium in order to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires. As we move to Heartiness Acres, our new homestead, we can help you know how to grow that nutrient dense food.

Illness is not age-acquired diseases. You are not destined to get them just because of aging. These illnesses are lifestyle-acquired.

Even if you are genetically predisposed to a particular disease, your lifestyle choices help disease pass you by.

While the rest of your family has high blood pressure, or diabetes, or heart disease, you can change the way you live, eat, sleep, exercise, stress and enjoy life, and bypass those lifestyle-induced illnesses.

You will have fun with this lifestyle.

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  1. Great post with great information. I shared it on my facebook pages and hope others will read it and learn that it really does matter what you eat.

  2. Love this post. I am currently doing a weight loss program that is really a lifestyle change. It is focused on whole foods and less processed “fake foods”. I still backslide occasionally but find that I am really enthused by the energy I have acquired and the stamina that is building. In my suburban home I am adopting some of the principals of growing my own food and then I supplement it with food from the farmers market whos practices I am familiar with.

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