Belly Fat

Belly Fat

Too many CARBOHYDRATES bring too much INSULIN into the body which makes the cells insulin resistant causing fat cells to load up with cholesterol and triglycerides.

ALSO…HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP acts the same as alcohol in its effect on the liver.

The following is a review of what happens with Insulin resistance…

When you eat excess carbohydrates (processed food, soda, sugar), the pancreas sends out more insulin to take the sugar out of the bloodstream and put it into the cells.
The liver works hard to keep up, but when insulin puts the key into the cell, the cell does not respond because they have become insulin-resistant.
So the Pancreas sends out more insulin. This overworks the pancreas.
The insulin in the bloodstream is now high.
The liver is unable to get the energy into the muscle cells.
Therefore the sugar is made into cholesterol and triglycerides so the fat cells get fatter and fatter.
But lets say there is too much sugar most of the time. Because the muscles are not getting the energy (sugar) they need, they are starving even though the rest of the body is getting fatter.
Now to add insult to injury Fructose affects the liver in a different way than glucose does.

High Fructose Corn Syrup acts the same as alcohol in its effect on the liver. Instead of sending glycogen to the muscle cells it just makes fat in the form of cholesterol and triglycerides and the fat cells fill up. But the body’s metabolism has slowed down so there is only one place this fat accumulates more than any other…The belly, because the metabolism is still high around the organs. Here is something interesting and scary. It is not just setting here where we can see it. It is wound around our organs becoming very dangerous.