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Finally Achieving our Homestead Dream

 Our Homestead DreamRed Barn with Jim and Rhenda in our Homestead Dream

Fulfilling our homestead dream is what this week is all about. I am trying to put into words the feelings that are going on in my world. Jim and I culminate our 6 month journey of finding our permanent homestead by showing a YouTube video this week. Many young families are changing their lifestyle and raising their families on wholesome food on a homestead. This is thrilling, however, just as thrilling are the people near our age looking for a homestead. It also thrills us to think that we could have any influence on others realizing that they too can have their dream come true.

Limitations don’t stop Our Homestead Dream

We feel passionate that there are no limitations on what we can do with our life. Turning 65 is just another birthday, because there is no line drawn in the sand and no ribbon to break at the end of the finish line until the Piano Lid closes.

  • It is not the time to plan to enter the senior living community unless you really want to.
  • It is the time to continue your life.
  • It is the time to reach for and fulfill dreams you have always had.

Don’t let Someone Else Draw Our Line in the Sand

The line in the sand is drawn by our children, AARP, government, society and senior living companies.
It is also drawn by our own health. Health that we have most likely created ourselves by our lifestyle. We speak from experience, as you well know, if you have been following our videos and BLOGS. That is why we talk so much about eating real food, eliminating processed food, exercising, sleeping, and keeping ourselves emotionally healthy. By changing those habits, our health improves drastically and we can plan and fulfill our homestead dream of our future.

A Special Thank You to Family

This week we are packing up the household items we have been living with for six months and tucking them into a small trailer. We are saying goodbye to Pennsylvania and with gratitude thank our many different family members for allowing us to stay with them in their homes for the all these months.

Owning our Homestead Dream

It is with excitement that we get on the road to our new home. I know the joy we felt when we moved onto our rented homestead, however, buying our own place is an entirely different feeling. It is sheer joy. We know that by accepting the joy of ownership we also accept the responsibility of repairing our home

Being able to put a hole in any wall, build what we want for our farm and grow what we want to grow is everything.

I visualize us standing at the front window as the sun shines into the kitchen. We can sit on the back deck and watch the sun set.  We have so many plans, we need a lifetime more to fulfill our homestead dreams.

Important to make our Homestead Dream Sustainable

During the next weeks, months and years we will share how to build a sustainable homestead. A homestead that can be lived in sustainably for decades to come. We will show methods to grow our food and preserve our bodies as well as raising our own animals.

Yes, this is an exciting week. One that will never be forgotten in our memory. We challenge you to follow your dreams. Keep going, living and dreaming. If you ever thought about having a homestead, make your own homestead dream come true.

4 thoughts on “Finally Achieving our Homestead Dream”

  1. Loving your journey as we too are searching for our homestead at age 60 now. I’m curious, have you reduced EVERYTHING to that small trailer you haul with you or are you storing more of your things to move with you later? Would you discuss/share how you managed the emotional attachments to the things you chose to get rid of to make your life more mobile. Thank you for all you do to enrich and inspire us all❣️

    1. The short story is, no, that little trailer is not all of our “stuff”. We have quite a bit more in storage in Oregon. But, most of what we have is for homesteading in one form or another. We sold or donated furniture, appliances, and other items. Most of what we have left is not emotional attachment things.

      But we have downsized a lot. Your basic question can actually be quite complex. The simple answer is that we have focused on what helps us live sustainably. We attempt to eliminate things and activities that do not stay focused on our goal. Every choice has a cost. We decide what we want and tearfully accept that some things are eliminated. When we remember what we no longer have we comfort ourselves by thinking about what we do have. I hope that helps. I know that we have addressed some of this in multiple vlogs. We will attempt to include it in future vlogs and in our blogs as well.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I have been following your channel since Justin Rhodes was there. We also live on a homestead in IN. Raising 6 children and just loving it. My hubby and I are in our lower 50’s.

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