12 Weeks To Heartiness

Jim & Rhenda

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Week 1
Week 1 – There is so much to Unlearn
Week 2
Week 2 – Real Food vs Western Diet and How to Fix your Food
Week 3
Week 3 – What Excess Carbohydrates do to our Body – Diabetes
Week 4
Week 4 – Heartiness Approach is not a Diet – It is a Lifestyle
Week 5
Week 5 – Dining Out and Dining In
Week 6
Week 6 – Balancing Our Lives & How to Adapt a Recipe
Week 7
Week 7 – How to Grow to Eat Real Food
Week 8
Week 8 – What is the Big Deal about Stress?
Week 9
Week 9 – Emotional Wellness & Depression
Week 10
Week 10 – Truth or Consequences – Disease & Food
Week 11
Week 11 – Social Butterflies – Food to prepare for Entertaining

Week 12
Week 12 – Obstacles and Possible Relapse

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