Not Too Much Time

Knowing that all people who have been born on this earth need baptism to fulfill as a first step for entering the Kingdom of God, those who possess the knowledge and power to complete the ordinance work of ancestors have an enormous task. Joseph Smith taught “The Saints have not too much time to save …

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Burning the Truth

In a day of misinformation campaigns and the overwhelming use of free speech, we need help knowing what is really true. The misinformation and contradictory free speech does more harm to truth today than the burning of books did in the past. No one could erase the truth by burning the books because it always …

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No Other Gods

The commandment to have no other gods has been and is essential but has only sometimes been correctly understood. Even in our enlightened time of the Restoration, understanding this commandment challenges many. When Ezra prayed about the people of Israel accepting and practicing the evil practices of the people in the regions where they lived …

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Forgetting to Endure

The humility and submissiveness of Solomon when he was anointed king brought him great favor with God.  His desire to have the wisdom to serve the people with righteous judgment prepared him to receive extensive blessings from heaven. The scriptures tell only a little about his choices that led to the turning of his desires …

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Cchicken on the fence in sunset

6 Ways To Get A Homestead

Sample Choices When the desire for having one’s own homestead becomes strong enough to cause action, a plan for making it happen is necessary. Some of the options for creating this plan include: Get out of debt and accumulate enough cash to purchase your dream homestead. Convert your existing home into a homestead. Use your …

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I Choose to Exercise

My Simple Reasoning Exercise, the personal responsibility that haunts us, angers us, embarrasses us, intimidates us, causes us to mock those who do, or find comfort, freedom from pain, and longevity. One of the many examples of encouragement to exercise comes from Mayo Clinic website article, Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity, where they …

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