Shall A Nation Be Born At Once?

When Jesus called his disciples and taught in the regions around Jerusalem, most people expected that he had come to free them from the nations that oppressed them. Today, as Israel is gathered, we watch a seemingly slow gathering. 

In his 66th chapter, Isaiah describes a time of wickedness and abominations, wickedness among non-believers, and abominations among many that profess to follow and obey God. He also speaks of Zion, the mother of the Gathering, who will bring forth a son and a nation.

In verse 8, Isaiah asks if the earth can bring forth in one day or if a nation can be born at once.  His later statement affirms that the answer to these questions is affirmative. This question and answer caused me to ponder the possible meanings of what he is saying.

The possible meanings and fulfillment of this prophecy can cause much conjecture but the exact meaning will be plain when it finally occurs. What I do learn from verse 8 and the surrounding verses is that Zion will become a reality and will exist among abundance and protection from enemies.