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Weight Loss the Right Way


Let me insert my Heartiness Approach attitude that you cannot exercise enough to overcome a poor diet. Nor can you afford to avoid exercise when hoping to get healthy. Plus, while weight loss is often a health goal, getting healthy is a much more valuable goal. Loosing weight when one is unhealthy is nigh to impossible. While we assert that getting healthy is a precursor to loosing weight, once you are truly healthy the weight begins to disappear as long as your healthy lifestyle continues. But, one cannot get fully healthy without exercise and if weight loss is at the top of your goal list then exercising the right way for weight loss is a best option.

Most noteworthy, Researchers are uncovering the secrets of exercise techniques that work best to cause weight loss. Some exercise techniques, while beneficial for overall health, do not help much with weight loss. Fortunately, many researchers are in agreement about specific approaches to exercise that consistently contribute to weight loss.


Above all, when you are serious about starting a weight-loss exercise journey please talk to your doctor and get medical clearance.

Finally, what are the researchers saying? Studies of “Combined Training” have discovered that weight-loss is most positively impacted by Combined Training. What do they mean by “Combined Training”? Multiple types of exercises in one session.

Exercise Session Suggestion

A training session example following the Combined Training method is:

Warm-up Cardiovascular —–→ 5-20 minutes

Strength Training —–→ 15-35 minutes Single arm row

Flexibility Training —–→ 5-30 minutes

WAIT! Before you stop reading because you doubt your ability to handle such a session please keep reading because I am going to tell you how anyone can prepare for and follow through with combined training. Furthermore, this is the right way to loose weight.

The shortest duration for a session suggested by the chart is 25 minutes. Here is how to prepare for these types of sessions. You first need to increase your cardiovascular endurance. If you can walk without difficulty that is an easy way to work up to 25 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, three times per week. If walking is painful you need to seek a comfortable method to increase your cardio vascular endurance.

Also, here are some possible alternatives:

  • Stationary bicycles
  • Low resistance rowing
  • Low resistance bands or cord exercises
  • Swimming

What exercise mode is available to you and what are you comfortable doing for up to 25 minutes?

Certainly, some gym equipment have weight limitations and the size of some equipment may restrict your ability to use them so your choice of exercise modes may be limited. Don’t let these limitations stop you! To loose weight you must be able to moderately exercise for at least 25 minutes. Find what you can do and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Getting Serious

Once you can handle a moderate intensity exercise session you are ready to start the Weight-loss Combined Training sessions.

  • Warm-up will be more of the cardiovascular exercises you used to get ready for these sessions.
  • Strength Training will involve
    • body weight exercises
    • weightlifting (free weights or machines)
    • exercise bands
  • Flexibility Training means stretching, both active and static (you can see examples on my “Regenerate Don’t Degenerate” YouTube channel. Stretch example

Why does Combined Training help weight-loss? The study results I reviewed did not explain why or how but, I have some thoughts. Warming up through cardiovascular exercise prepares your body for a more vigorous exercise session. The strength training requires lost of energy and thus pulls that energy from where it is stored in your fat cells. The flexibility training improves muscle movement and joint mobility thus increasing your ability to exercise more during future sessions.

Once again, you can’t out exercise a bad diet so learn to eat foods with positive nutrition to help with your exercise and weight-loss goals.