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April 27, 2018 Newsletter



Heartiness Approach

April 27, 2018

Topsy Turvy Week with a Large Dose of Gratitude.

This has been a tumble week for us. We have gone up and down and tumbled around. First of all apologies to you, our readers because we did not have the correct link to our weekly blog last week. Jim wrote a great one and unless you went to our web page, you did not have the correct connection to it. Ironically it was called, Connected. So this week we left it on for you to see and enjoy his writing.

We have received so much support this week from almost 3800 of you. The love and the prayers we received from our wonderful YouTube friends has been overwhelming and we are filled with gratitude.

A quick summary. We went to the closing on our home last Friday, and after signing all the papers, we found an error on the survey. After sitting in the title company for 3 1/2 hours we went home without owning our home and a little deflated.

At first it was just going to be a matter of fixing the paperwork and then it required a new appraisal. The paperwork finally came back yesterday and still had an error that we brought to their attention. They were able to fix it and as you are reading this on Friday we are suppose to be closing for real. We will do a quick live video after we close to let everyone know it really happened, If it did really happen.

Many people have asked why we are in the house before it closed. Because we were coming from out of town and because the house was vacant, it was in the contract that we would get to stay there until closing. No one knew it would be this long.
Our sellers have been amazing.
Our YouTube support has been amazing.
The realtors have been amazing.

And we, well we love each other, still laugh with each other, hold each other and know that this too shall pass.

Read our blogs from last week and this week.

Finally Achieving our Homestead Dream

Why We Bought the Farm

If you have not seen our video called Why We Bought The Farm be sure and check it out. Share it. This is what we stand for. This is what we will teach with our videos and we hope to continue to do it in a happy, helpful way.

Today we made a video showing how we are preparing our first garden bed. Everything is from scratch and it will all take time. But that is what we have.

We will be demonstrating how to garden in every way imaginable so that we can meet the needs of all our viewers.  If there is a particular garden you want to know how to do, let us know at so we can demonstrate it for you.

Whats the Big Idea?

Our big plans have to grow. After imaging buying a homestead with maybe 5 acres, we find ourselves with a multiple of that. The size requires a bigger plan, but that is only part of what we must consider.

As we walk around and work on the few projects we have thus far started we are beginning to see more of what is here. Today Rhenda found a row of raspberry canes right where we had plans for something else. Permaculture planning and Holistic Management by Allen Slavery insist that any plan has to start with a full survey to determine what exists.

In our impatience, we are reluctant to take the time for such a survey but the size of this undertaking convinces us that we will spend more time undoing false starts and making corrections than we will spend conducting a proper survey.

Be watching here and in our YouTube videos for how we conduct our survey.

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