Homesteading in your 60s.- A Different Kind of 60s Movement

heartiness acresAm I too old to start a homestead at 60?This is what a subscriber ask Justin and Rebekah Rhodes. They referred them to us, Heartiness Approach. We said,  No, No, and No.

We never thought we would write an article that would be titled about 60 year olds. We never wanted to exclude anyone of other ages, but this week one of our subscribers wrote us a comment which said,
“I can’t tell you enough how much you, your attitudes, and your approach to life has blessed this “stay at home” mommy of 3, and wife of 1 busy man! At times it feels like the whole world has a plan and a purpose and I’m just facilitating others dreams but watching y’all has reminded me that this is just a season and to start dreaming and planning for the next season!”

If our words and actions can inspire a young mother of 3 then it is okay to live our life and talk to whom ever will listen.

We have been shocked by the number of people who want what we have now obtained.

We have the buildings and the land, but we have so far to go to get the rest. What are our plans and how can we pull it off at our “so called age”.

October harvest because real food matters

What advice would we give to others wanting to find property to grow their own food and live out their days?

Here is our advice that we have given for nearly a decade.

1. Get yourself in good health.

  • No processed food
  • Eat Organic food whenever possible
  • Eat Grass Fed meat whenever possible
  • Reduce sugar, working to remove that stimulant from your life.
  • Do not use vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated oils, and this includes canola oil and soybean oil

2. Exercise Daily to increase muscle tone, cardio, and bones.

  • You will be using your body everyday so it needs to be well and healthy.
  • If you are not there, get there.
  • Follow Regenerate, Don’t Degenerate which will be back up and running May 21, 2018 after we return from Oregon completing our move.
  • Walk, swim, stretch, lift. In order to meet the demands on your body on a homestead, you will need to exercise it.

3. Keep yourself Emotional Well.

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the work, the space, or the tasks.
  • Plan to take baby steps and enjoy what you are doing.
  • Take time for pleasure
  • Read
  • Take a bath.

4. Be financially sound.

  • You do not have to have a lot in the bank.
  • You do not have to be completely out of debt, though that should be your goal. For us, it was cheaper to buy than rent and we continue to get out of debt. BUT you must live within your means.
  • Do not accumulate any other debt.
  • Do not obtain, that which you cannot afford.

5 Now you are ready for that homestead.

  • Choose a Homestead that suits you and your needs.
  • We needed one close enough to town to have decent internet.
  • We needed to be near cities to market our vegetables and other food.
  • We needed to be able to buy and sell at local farmer’s markets. Will you need to travel 30 or 60 minutes to go to a store? We chose not to do so this time around.
  • We wanted outbuildings to be there already.
  • Given the opportunity to buy a nice house with no outbuildings or a house that needed work but plenty of outbuildings, we chose the latter. It depends what is important to you.
  • If you just want to build mobile shelters for your animals, then a house my be more important to you.
  • We have a substantially good kitchen so the rest of the house could be made over as needed.

We continue to be humbled by the amount of comments we receive from people in their better half of life wanting to have a homestead, or are on a homestead. Here are a few of the comments in response to our videos. You say we inspire you. Y’all inspire us!

“I just started a few months ago…I just turned 55. I have bad arthritis but I love gardening. Having a homestead makes me go out there and get exercise”.

“Glad to be an ongoing subscriber, at 65, you give me hope.”

“I so long for “home” at 59, and you inspire me to keep hoping and believing! You are so full of vision!”

“We recently bought a place in the country ourselves. Six months ago we moved to Mississippi and are enjoying our new homestead immensely. We are in our early 60s. I have very similar ideas about Permaculture and food forests etc.”

“My husband and I purchased 20 acres with a home, workshop, and carport with 2 large ponds. One for wildlife, the other is stock with fish for eating. For years we’ve wanted property, and the ability to be more self reliant. Last year we followed our dreams, and purchased our property in Oklahoma.”

“I’m of a similar age and have 2 acres, so far I have fruit, veg, chickens and a mini woodland/food forest we started 16 years ago, we harvest firewood too.”

“Tears of sadness that we lost r country home, but yet tears of encouragement that God willing we will one day have our forever home too with r kids.”

“I’m a little jealous of your buildings. Haha, my place doesn’t have any, but we will get there eventually. And I agree on age….I’m 52 this month, and just finally getting started on my forever homestead”

“Since I saw your Lifestyle change video of Jim’s condition, it has really triggered my own thinking… I made a major change in the way I eat, and have lost 12 Lbs in 6-7 wks. from just eating Wholesome foods..”

May we all be able to live our dreams, no matter what they are, but for those who want to live on the land, grow our food, and animals, our joy comes from giving you hope.

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  1. The age of 60 is the new 40 with the better awareness of the importance of moving, eating right and doing things that make you happy. I retired after 28 years in the corporate 2orld and now have converted my entir3 backyard into 14 raised beds I built and filled myself. Planted and getting some results already for canning. My husband of 35 years is really happy with the fresh produce and me staying out of trouble by staying busy. Hahaha looking forward to June 1. I’ll be sharing with my big sis and her hubby. Think they will love your channel, energy and message. 😍

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