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April 20, 2018 Newsletter



Heartiness Approach

April 20, 2018

We are Real…

On one of our videos this week we discussed what it was like to meet our YouTube friends in person. It was so fun and delightful. At the close of each day, we would walk to our sleeping quarters and marvel at each other about the special memories of the day. No one was pretentious. Everyone was genuine, sharing, and caring.

What is so funny about the YouTube world is we are not a celebrity but people treat us like one. We were thrilled to meet, Justin, Rebekah, Art, Bri, Darci and Joe and Rose. The people who watch, know us. I hope I am making sense. As we stood in the reception line and people came to meet us, we were astounded by the number of people who knew of us, followed us and wanted a picture with us.

Celebrities – No we are not. We are normal people, like Justin and Rebekah Rhodes from Abundant Permaculture. Like Art and Bri, Like Darci Isabella and Joe. Like Rose from Wholesome Roots.  We are normal people doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Our goal is to share with others our life, so that others can learn, identify, and know that we care. We continue to be humbled by the number of people who say we are an inspiration to them. If we are, then we have reached far beyond what we had hoped for. Making videos is hard to do as often as we do them. We do them for you, so for you to notice is everything.

Now we have people writing to us and asking for advice. We do not have answers to everyone’s problems, but we can tell you this. One of the things people like about us is that we are optimistic and upbeat. That above all is the advice we like to give. Everyone can find the negative in their life. It is easy. But under those easy-to-find layers of negative are the joys, the relationships, the memories, the sunshine of your life. It is there for the taking. Somehow, when life throws darts at you continually, try to find what you have that is good. Seek the little things in life to get you through the bad. We have had plenty of bad in our life. We have cried, been scared, worried, and had a loss. Somehow we get through it.

Cling to your spouse, your friend, your family. or your YouTube friend. We are real. Everyone we met was real. It was wonderful.

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Finally Achieving our Homestead Dream

We have Arrived

After 15 hours of driving, we arrived at our homestead. Jim did all the driving because he did not want me to drive the trailer.

We stopped in the dusk of the evening to pose in front of our barn.

We have walked around the property today and tried to take it all in. We can garden, market garden, raise chickens, pigs, and cows.

We are so blessed. Thank you, everyone, for your support and kind words.

We just got internet installed today so we will be able to start making videos again tomorrow.

We Stand in Awe!

Our seller of this property and house has been so good to work with. However, today he went above and beyond. We were allowed to stay in our new home prior to the closing of the house. It was very cold yesterday and this morning he came over to try to fix the furnace. When he was not able to we told him we would just use the space heater. A little while later a repairman came by and fixed the furnace. He had been sent over by the seller.

Then the seller showed up with a pickup load full of wood that he had cut for us. He came in and started the fireplace for us. He took us to lunch yesterday.

We are so blessed to know such marvelous people.

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