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Why Exercise Now

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready for a technical, in-depth, physiological explanation about the inherent benefits of exercise? Good for you but in this blog, I will reveal a few more personal and motivational reasons about why exercise now.Jim Exercising

The pill that gives you the same benefit that exercise can give has not been invented and probably will not be invented. If it did exist, only the wealthiest would be able to afford it. Even more significantly, you can’t send someone to do it for you. Watching exercise on your screen does nothing for your fitness. Yes, the only way for exercise to do you any good is for you do it.

Did you know that there are amazing surprises that come from exercising? Here are a few in no special order.


You will live longer. Even 150 minutes of brisk walking each week can add 4 years of life expectancy. There is research that suggests exercising slows aging at the cellular level.

You will be happier. Many types of exercise cause the release of chemicals in the brain that reduces depression. A drug that requires no prescription and seems to be in endless supply. Being your happiest requires exercise.

Your life will be easier. Being stronger, leaner, happier, and more capable combine to make a better life. With strength to do bigger tasks and the energy to follow through, you will accomplish more for yourself, your family, or your boss.

Decrease cancer risk. Both breast cancer and prostate cancer have high incidence rates and no sure cure. The American Cancer Society encourages exercise as a means of prevention. Healthy bodies have less risk.

Recover from major illness. The typical advice while recovering from major illness has been to avoid vigorous exercise and take it easy. That advice is giving way to exercise encouragement, even vigorous exercise. Clinical trials are racking up the evidence that exercise is effective as part of the recovery process.

Lower Alzheimer’s disease risk. With an immense and increasing amount of risk, this is one disease that we can work to dramatically reduce our likelihood of experiencing. The more we exercise the less we are at risk for any of the dementia diseases, especially Alzheimer’s.

Reduce food cravings. Having trouble staying away from excessive snacks? Replace those cravings with a bout of exercise. It is that easy. This is a two-fold gain. Less negative food consumed and more exercise means your body does not have to deal with unhealthy food and it is in better shape.

Bent Over Fly
Look better and improve your sex life. Jack Lalanne looked great even shortly before he passed away. A few years before his passing he hinted that his sex life was as vibrant as ever. What worked for him will work for anyone.

It Is Up To You

Motivated? I hope so. Start exercising and what you personally gain will motivate you even more. Don’t take my word for it, put it to the test.

Remember, Regenerate, Don’t Degenerate.