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Sustainably Regenerate Health? Yes We Can!


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Heartiness Approach

February 1st, 2018

Sustainably Regenerate Health? Yes We Can!

The secret is the food we eat. Our focus is to help others sustainably regenerate health. We are experiencing this wonderful difference while many our age are suffering with declining health.

“Our dietary habits are the leading driver of death and disability, causing an estimated 700,000 deaths each year. Heart disease, stroke, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cancers, immune function, brain health – all are influenced by what we eat.”  Dariush Mozaffarian Dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University.

We began to understand this truth when we faced a health crisis almost a decade ago. Unwilling to spend the rest of our lives taking medication and watching ourselves get sick like others our age, we searched for a better solution.

  • We radically changed our eating habits.
  • We dumped processed food literally.
  • We drastically reduced our sugar intake.
  • We changed our lifestyle.

Yes we know…”They” say change your lifestyle. But that is what we did and it made an immense difference.

Within 6 months the doctor was amazed at the progress and that medication was no longer needed. We have continued to regenerate our bodies through constant improvement of our food intake. Today we are healthier than we were twenty years ago and are not experiencing “THE NORMAL AGING DEGENERATION”.

Why do we care to share? Because we have been given much, we too must give. We know that anyone who wants to change their future health can do it. Our solution is not the only solution, but it works.

We planted our kitchen garden this week. We find it difficult to be without a garden and in January there is no planting outside. Therefore we planted some green onions we grew in Oregon, a celery bottom to regrow celery and we planted several types of lettuce, spinach, cabbage and herbs in seedlings which are visible at the back of the picture. Grab some dirt and seeds and just grow. It will do your pocketbook, your heart and your stomach good.  See our Video this week on our YouTube channel.

The Power of Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We at Heartiness Approach truly believe this. We are doing a breakfast campaign. We will be showing how to cook fantastic breakfasts. We will be teaching why it is so important to eat in the morning. We will help you know what to eat and how to cook it. Rhenda is creating a Heartiness Approach Breakfast Cookbook E-Book. It has protein filled healthy good breakfasts. This week we made an impromptu video with the two of us making breakfast on our. YouTube Channel.

Last weeks blog

Plant Seeds of Happiness

“With just one act of kindness, you can inspire others to go and plant seeds of a happiness” Unknown author

We highlighted several other YouTube Channels this week to help them grow. Find some way to help someone reach a higher level this week. Reach out past your comfort zone and share something with someone else. Few people are happy who stay to themselves. The joy you share is sprinkled around and becomes joy for others. Everyone has something to share. We shared six other channels so their joy can be sprinkled around the world.YouTube Channel

This weeks blog

Our 45th Wedding Anniversary is February 2nd. We are spending it traveling.

We are not going to Punxsutawney, PA. as planned to watch the ground hog because it is only going to be 9 degrees.

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