Graduations Everywhere – Graduate to a Higher Lifestyle?

Lifestyle Changes help us Graduate to a higher level.

Habits and Behaviors are intertwined and the goal is to change one area and then another and another.

But wait, that sounds like we want you to be perfect and that will cause more stress in your life.

We don’t expect perfection.

We want you to step back and work on one part of your life at a time. Know that the other parts of your life are out there , waiting in the wings.

But they are not your priority right now.

This is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

This is not something you can do part of, or do for a short time.

This is life changing and life improving. You will feel in control, but you will have to work on it all the time and refuse what others offer you. They may either think they know how best to eat or they don’t care what they eat and they want you to eat as poorly as them so them.

We have learned that you neither have to offend or make others feel bad. After a while you learn to take with you what you can eat, or they learn to offer you what you can eat.

Slowly you will see the, watching you and changes will take place in their life, because deep down they know you are eating correctly and they want to look and feel as fabulous as you look and feel.

You will meet others who beg you to teach them what you are doing?

When we first started this lifestyle change, I was the only Registered Nurse at an Assisted Liveing. One day while in the kitchen, one of the aides said, “Rhenda what did you do? Where did your butt go?” She then called her sister in and said to me, “Rhenda, turn around. Show my sister.” I had not told anyone the changes I was making. I just made them, and others noticed.

If we wait until all the research is complete, understand all the literature and take time to read everything related, we will never get around to teaching others what we know.

We do know that almost everyone has a fat belly and no waistline. I know it was not like that when I was young and a teenager, My own mother wore “shirtwaist” dresses to show her figure. Empire waist dresses with straight tight fitting skirts were popular when I was a teenager. They could not be worn today because there would be a bulge of fat where the flat tummy is suppose to be.

So what is the cause?

Relax it was not all our faults. We were told so many things that were not true.

This is not about looks. This is about health.

It is time to graduate to a higher lifestyle.Graduation

Learn to take control of what goes into our mouth and what we can do about our health.

Heartiness Approach is about approach heartiness through lifestyle changes.

You Got This.

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  1. So true!!! I am working to change habits that come up to tempt me from time to time and I won’t say I never succumb…..they are fewer and fewer. I feel like if I am not buying it in the store it isn’t in my house to tempt me.

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