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May 18, 2018 Newsletter



Heartiness Approach

May 18th, 2018

Courage Against The Difficult

Deciding to move was not easy but the deciding was easier than the moving. In Oregon, we lived on a beautiful property. Our growing of garden and animals was very successful. The main reason for our decision to move was a need for sustainability. That decision took a few months but once made it set several events in motion.

Most of our things remained in storage in Oregon while we took what enough to use for about three months. As the three months extended to more, we struggled with confidence that we could find what we were seeking. Being united and committed we found the courage to keep looking.

At our age, starting a homestead with a new mortgage does not seem normal. Yet, we are not alone. Like us, many are deciding to not settle and to seek their dreams. This decision is easier to make than to carry out. We are experienced enough to understand the challenges we face. The power of our dreams causes a courage that propels us to confidently surge into our challenging dreams.

The last seven days have been overwhelmingly hard for us. With such a long journey there were several possibilities for problems. The sheer physical difficulty of loading all our accumulated things and driving it 2000 miles taxed us more than we expected. No matter how tired, frustrated, scared, or worried we were, we had no alternative, we had to press on. Knowing that we were together in our dream encouraged us to confidently smile and know that we would complete the move.

Now that all our things are unloaded and the truck is returned to the rental company We are left with piles and stacks but this part of the move is easier. We get to “find” things we have missed and regain their use.

Tonight, as we prepare this newsletter we stopped our writing abruptly as a group of bugling coyotes passed through our property. We have been discussing the poultry flocks we plan to have. Now we are having second thoughts about the shelters we are planning. Will our birds be safe from coyotes and other predators? Courage says “Yes” as long as we design the shelters to repel any and all predators.

That is how we homesteaders face difficulties. We measure them and prepare according to the challenge. We find courage in our planning and in our knowledge that as we press forward we will overcome any and all challenges.

What are your challenges and how are you finding the courage to accomplish your dreams?
Comment at rhenda@heartinessapproach.com

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Before You Stop Taking Statin Drugs

One of our viewers has asked if she and her husband can get off Statin drugs. First and foremost, I am not a doctor. I am a retired RN. See the Video we made called, Line in the Sand

You must let your doctor know that you want to get off Statin drugs before doing so. Through research studies, the only person who does really benefit from Statin drugs is a male who has had a prior heart attack.

Statin drugs are especially poor for women to be on. Your doctor will tell you that you are putting your life at risk should you choose to go off Statin drugs. It is important to know why you were put on Statin Drugs. Have you had a stroke or a heart attack? Was you Cholesterol higher than your doctor wanted?

Here are the side effects we do know.

  • Muscle pain & damage
  • Liver damage
  • Type 2 diabetes caused by increased blood sugar
  • Neurological side effects
  • Short Term memory loss.

Most people who stop the drug see the side effects go away within 24 hours. Some of the side effects may take up to a month to reverse.
Talk with your doctor about taking CoQ10 Supplement instead and do the following things. It would be good to start the following things before you go off of statins.

  • Step 1: Eat Vegetables
  • Step 2: Monitor Your Body Weight
  • Step 3: Exercise Regularly
  • Step 4: Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep (8 – 10 hours is ideal)
  • Step 5: Take Vitamins (Omega-3 and B3)
  • Step 6: Eat Flaxseeds
  • Step 7: Drink Healthy Fruit Juices  – (known to help lower cholesterol) with Pectin & Resveratrol in them.

. Statin Drugs are not like a steroid where you have to taper the dose before you stop. There should be no side effects from stopping. Hopefully, you will feel better. Some people report a headache when they stop. Others say their headache stopped when they stopped the drug.

Again. I would never tell anyone to stop a medication. But I also hate this drug and it is not necessary for most people if they will just change their lifestyle.

Okay You Are 60 years old – You can do This!

We have been overwhelmed by the email responses we have received from our 50 and 60 year old friends. We love it.

We are so excited that others want to homestead.

We understand it is scary. But it is fun also.

You can eat your own food that you grow yourself and you know what is in it. You know where it came from.

You can work and keep your muscles and bones growing and forming.

You can feel the joy of living things with wide open space instead of small apartments.

You also will experience your children thinking you have lost it.

You will need to find Like-minded people and that is what we are.

We are out here, lets support each other.

If you are in an apartment, just grow something.

Age only stops us if we allow it to.

If it has been a dream or we have instilled a dream, go for it.

We are thrilled to be sharing our homestead with you.

We hope we plant the desire for many people our age to get land and homestead for health and happiness.

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