The Grass is not always Greener on the Other Side. March 30, 2022

Day 89 and 90 of 365 blogs

One beautiful day. One rainy day. I am sitting by the window and I think I can actually see the grass turn green. The neighboring empty pasture is now filled with cows and the bull that got Missy pregnant last year. The field was neglected and full of tall brown grass and weeds everywhere. This person leases the property and puts his cows on it. They have been off for 1 ½ years but the grass was not taken care of. With our grass being so green, we had to reinforce the fence to keep their cows on their side. If Missy is not pregnant and she goes into heat it could get exciting. The bull is literally waiting near her on the other side of the fence.

Contrasting pastures
Contrasting our grass with the neighbors

You may remember Austin. He helped us all the time our first year here and stayed in our home while we were in Nevada. He came over twice this week to help Jim with the fence and then to start clearing on the back side of the perimeter fence to clear the debris away so the electric fence can work when we put the cows on it in a few weeks. Because it is bottom land it always gets saturated at the end of March and half of April. Then when it dries it is ready for the magic to begin as we not only fatten up our cows but grow amazingly healthy grass.

Nutritional and Stress Education

Well, last night I had a hard time taking my own advice. No matter what I tried, I was awake from 2:30 to 4:30 AM. Tonight I will take Melatonin to get me back on track. We have company and I stayed up way too late for too many nights. When I get too tired, I do not sleep. Strange how that happens. Sleep is as important as food. It is a myth that we need less sleep as we age. The truth is that we need as much as we always have, it is just harder to sleep. Because we have more trouble sleeping, we are not rebuilding our body efficiently, thus adding to the aging process. When I sleep for 7-8 hours, I wake up feeling amazing and I feel amazing all day. When we are sleep deprived, the rest of our habits suffer. We may not exercise. We may be too tired to prepare good meals. We may get malnutrition, making it harder to sleep. If you have turned over in your bed in the middle of the night for the 5th time, get up and eat something. Fill your tummy with a little something and then go back to sleep. Last night, I finally put my ear phone in and turned audible scriptures on in my phone and listened to the reading of the scriptures as I fell asleep. Now I am not saying they are boring, but the voice puts me to sleep if I am not up doing something active. Keep trying.