Escape Cows & Chicken, March 28, 2022

Day 86 & 87 & 88 of 365 blogs.

 Saturday, we lost one meat chick last night. Then, half way through the day, Jim walked outside to do evening chores and did a double take because the calf was in with his mom. He had figured out how to get across the fence. Ugh… We gave up for the night so no milk the next morning. Okay. We used old wire fence but we did put barbed wire across the top, but this was our first attempt to put up barb wire and we did not pull it tight enough and he saw that he could wiggle through. We know what to do but could not do it last night or on Sunday. Tillamook, our friend’s cow is doing great in the new pasture and eats the grass and stays wear she is supposed to.

I went out to the pasture today and there were no cows on the new side. Oh brother. I went to the loafing shed and there were all three cows just loafing around. Clearly, we are poor fence makers. We were trying to use an old fence and had barbed wire on the top. They just pushed down the old wire and went under the barbed wire. Now there is cattle panel up instead. There is a reason it is called CATTLE panels.

cows on pasture
Three cows with one bad fence, It did not look that bad when we finished.

More chicken chasing last night to get them in. Jim has covered the chicken run so we don’t have to chase the chicks anymore.  

Nutritional and Stress Education

Stress is perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing sleep. If we can get to sleep, we wake up in the night and our mind fills with a problem. Today, we will discuss some ways to relax our brain at night when we lie awake. Here are my two suggestions that often work for me. Memorize or poem or a scripture and when you cannot sleep repeat it. This pulls your mind from you worry and makes you concentrate on the words you are saying. If you mind wonders immediately bring it back to the words. This is a technique I have used for years. If it starts to not work, memorize a new poem so you mind has to work at staying in the poem.

Sometimes it does not work. This is my second trick. Start counting. I know counting sheep is old but count with each deep breath. If counting is too disturbing, count to three over and over slowly with your breaths. You will be asleep before you know it.

Try in and let me know how it works for you.