Tearing Down Fencing, Potatoes, April 1, 2022

Day 91 & 92 of 365 blogs

I hope to get back to writing every day but also am trying to give myself grace to live my life without being slave to the blog. I enjoy writing very much. It is when I have company or other obligations that my writing gets delayed. Day 91 was a very cold day with sleet and flurries. Day 92 was very cold in the morning and sunny during the day. I was only able to go outside a short time, but tackled the fence behind the house again. This time I removed the old metal wires from the very old metal posts and let the fence fall. It was already covering itself with honeysuckle which is why I wanted to get to the fence before the foliage came on. I found two smaller trees along the fence line that I want to keep and had to pull the honeysuckle out of each branch as it winds itself around them choking them like a boa constrictor. I know I can save one of them, but unsure if I can save the evergreen but I am trying. I can envision that with the fence down we can mow down into the tree area and make it look so beautiful. Right now, the fence is still lying on the ground and most likely embedded into the ground at the base. Since it is filled with foliage, I am just going to roll up the old fence and let the foliage dry and die and haul it away later.

We make time 5 days a week to go visit our neighbors. We feel so blessed to have such good neighbors and we serve each other by helping each other. It is the best.

Nutritional Education

Our seed potatoes came this week. We are going to plant them in containers this year. I am going to experiment with several different methods and label them and see how it works.

After fighting the weeds in the ground last year and completing with rodents and hard ground, we are choosing containers. This much I have learned. The soil needs to be non-compacted and it must contain a fertilizer with potash, (potassium) in it. Potatoes are a great source of potassium so it makes sense that they need to be growing in soil that contains the same nutrient. Potatoes are rich in B6, potassium, copper, Vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, Vitamin B3 and it has great fiber. Potatoes are one of the vegetables where pesticides are readily found so buying organic or growing your own is a great way to eat clean food.

One more tip. Do not eat green potatoes. They contain solanine which is a toxic alkaloid which cause them to taste poorly but also can cause heart conditions, respiratory depression, headaches and diarrhea. Cut away the affected area before preparing. If most of the potato is green throw it away.