Completing tearing out the fence, kitty, eating well, April 2, 2022

Day 93 of 365 blogs

Now I am sitting at my desk in my home office and looking out the window. The ugly fence is gone. The honeysuckle is gone for now. The old posts are pulled and stacked. Old metal has been pulled from the ground. There was 30-foot ¾ inch cable. An old blade from a tractor of some sort, old fence posts that are rusted and one that was growing through an old tree stump about 5 feet tall. Our son was able to push the stump over and exposed the post. The fence was a beast to pull up because the base of wire was buried in dirt, roots, honeysuckle, weeds and trees. I literally pulled the bottom fence up inch by inch. BUT it is rolled and ready to haul away. Now as I look out the window, I see a new yard with daffodils and potential. I have dreamed of this for four years.

One of our kitties likes to be wherever we are. He came over and kept me company as I worked. It is the little pleasures of our farm.

Nutritional Education

You may remember than when I was traveling a few weeks ago, my body rebelled at the food that was being put into it. I recovered a few days after being in my own kitchen and cooking my own food. Then this week, we had company and were working for many hours. I had a lapse of memory from my time while traveling. I decided that it would be okay to buy a pizza and some chicken salad from our local store. That way I could enjoy my company and not have to cook all day. That night I spent the night ill again. The next morning, I had a long talk with myself. I cannot eat processed food. I cannot eat food with additives, soy, bad fats and other things. I have a delicate stomach and I have treated it well but it will not tolerate me treating it poorly. It is not forgiving. It happens every time, so there you go. I cook.