More Fencing, Cold Frame Elderberries, Upcoming Webinar, March 2, 2022

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I have discovered that on our homestead we can have a plan on paper and when we start executing it, we see things more clearly. Sometimes it does not work out on the land in real life and sometimes it works out better. We were putting in our new North parameter fence in the lower pasture and trying to use a laser to get the fencepost straight. We could not get the laser light to go far enough to see it during the day. We stretched the wire out on the ground and just followed it the best we could, putting in the T-posts with the Titan pole pounder. and just like that the poles were in.

Then we got to the area where we needed to fence around a future orchard of elderberries and other plants. We got interrupted and could not finish. BUT, we had a fantastic idea. It was warm and no wind so we went out in the dark, set up the laser and the red dot went from one end of the orchard to the post on the other end. We were able to take the T-posts and manually pound them in a little so they stood until morning when we could use the post pounder again. The red laser dot showed up on each post as we got closer to the laser. The results will be a perfectly straight fence line surrounding our potential orchard. We can’t wait to see it in the light of morning. Our Elderberries are pictured here in our cold frame.

Cold Frame with Elderberries
Cold Frame with Elderberries

We have also decided to not have a mono crop of any kind. Meaning, we were just going to plant our 51 plants of elderberries in one section of the garden, but that goes against everything we know about diversity. Now, we are going to plant them with fruit trees, nitrogen fixers, fruit and vegetable perennial and then perhaps let ducks wander around in there eating the bugs but not the plants. The ducks would also help clean up our pond.

Nutritional Education

I will be having a Free Webinar March 23rd on the importance of feeding our brain with proper nutrition and amino acid therapy. A hungry brain is related to moods such as depression, anxiety and addiction relapse on any substance including sugar, soda, pastries, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, drugs and compulsive behaviors. I hope you will join me on March 23 at 7 PM Central Daylight Savings Time (CDT). (We spring ahead to daylight savings time on March 13th) Watch for registration in the coming days.