Fencing the Lower Pasture, Eggs, Making Yogurt, March 1, 2022

Day 61 of 365 blogs.

We spend the day in the lower pasture. We took down all the T-posts and cattle panels that were in the pig pen. We marked off a new western parameter fence in the lower pasture where we will making paddocks for the cows. Jim completed mowing all the grass in the 8 pastures in the lower land. Yes it should have been done in the fall, but it was not possible. It is wonderful that with all the work we are doing we look up and give each other smiles because we are so happy to be doing what we are doing.

The chickens get to free roam starting in the morning now instead of the afternoon because they have proven that they will go back to the coop to lay their eggs. We are getting 9 to 11 eggs a day right now. Lots of milk and lots of eggs. Now if I could just grow bananas, apples and oranges and avocados.

Nutritional Education

I always make our yogurt now and this week was no exception. I had read that every few times you needed to buy a store yogurt instead of using the homemade yogurt as the starter. The consequences finally happen. It did not set and there was very little tang. It was more like kefir milk consistency but no tang. Then I made another batch with store-bought yogurt added and it came our thick and tangy again. If you have had different luck than me, please let me know. This is a picture of my yogurt draining in the colander to make whey and greek yogurt.

Yogurt draining in colander
Yogurt draining in colander