Digging holes, Planning Permaculture Orchard, Raw Milk, March 3, 2022

Day 63 of 365 blogs

Jim dug 5 more holes yesterday to make corners for the fence posts for our pasture. Two of the holes were filled with rocks and three were full of beautiful soil. For now, that is all the hole digging that needs to take place. We do not have the tensil wire on yet but we stand back and admire our mowed pasture with fences going up and the future orchard is fenced and ready to be put into rows. The beautiful weather has added to t

he joy.Now we are doing research on the proper way to make a permaculture garden. We have found one of the best YouTuber to learn from is Stefan Sobkowiak – The Permaculture Orchard. He also refers to Jeff Lawson and Bill Mollison. We have first learned that we need to give our fruit and trees enough room to grow and to diversify but not so much that we grow things we will never use. So we will take time to learn and plan before we plant.

Nutritional Education

We have a small milk crisis. I say small because abundance cannot be too serious in a world that has so many concerns right now. But we have too much milk without pigs to help use it. Seven gallons a milk are not needed by two people. I am going to get serious about my cheese making, and also make sour cream and buttermilk, butter, and maybe ice cream occasionally. I make yogurt regularly. There are warnings when using raw milk. We have bought raw milk from farmers before that we did not feel safe about. The smell, and the cleanliness were not up to our standards. We have brought raw milk from people that are incredibly clean and check for bacteria and put into cold temperatures immediately. That is the difference between safe raw milk and not safe. We don’t drink store bought milk unless we absolutely have too, finding it so much harder to digest because some of the digestive enzymes have been destroyed in the pasteurization process. With so many recalls on vegetables, meat, and other food items, having a trusted source from other farms or our own farm is our answer to food safety. Off course we must take all precautions also. Happy farming.