Chickens vs Garden, Clearing backyard, March 4, 2022

We sat on a bench this morning and surveyed what we will actually be able to do for a garden this year. The chickens are clearly a problem for the garden. We have not wanted to contain them but now we think we will put them in a fence in the pasture behind the cows once we can put them back on grass. We really like the chicken running around because they take eat of so many bugs. We feel we need to fence in each garden but all of this takes time. We just have to look at what we have the ability to do and do it as quickly as we can.

Chickens in the yard
Chickens in the hard near upcoming garden

In the afternoon we went outside to tackle the back fence. We have a section in back of our house that is has trees and foliage. Then below that is the lower pasture. We have long wanted to take down the decades old fence and clear out the brush and make it part of our backyard. We spontaneously started that yesterday afternoon and evening. It was so satisfying breaking down own wires, concrete, junk and clearing it out. It actually will look worse for a while but we envision how nice it will be when we are complete. It is not the job we went out to do but we just started and it was fun and satisfying.

Old back yard
Clearing decades of debris

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