Super Sunday, New Friends, Great Snack Ideas, February 6, 2022

We got to go to church today, meaning we are no longer snow bound. We have had 3 days of sunshine. Yes, the snow is still there but melting slowly. Maybe tomorrow the chickens will venture out. We love our Sundays and working with so many amazing people in the addiction recovery programs. We are so blessed to touch other’s lives as they touch ours.

We were so excited today. We met new families at church that just moved in. One of them wanted land but could not find any and one bought an 80 acre farm. We talked and talked about our animals and our desire to grow our food. It is so nice to have like-minded people where homesteading is concerned. We look forward to many fun times.

Nutritional Information

In order to keep our mood stable we must keep our blood sugar stable. One way to do this is by eating protein and complex carbohydrate every 3-4 yours. Here is a list of ideas.

Plate of food
Chicken, Brussel sprouts and peaches.

 Snack Ideas from Healthy Hope . Life

• A piece of fruit, with nuts or cheese

• A handful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, cashews, or other nuts.

• Carrots, celery or other fresh vegetables with hummus, bean dip or nut butter

• Plan full-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with ½ cup berries or sliced fruit of your choice.

• Vegetable sticks, Besides carrots and celery, Red Pepper strips, broccoli and cauliflower florets, cucumber and zucchini slices, jicama slices or cherry tomatoes

• Wrap vegetable sticks in thinly sliced turkey or beef.

• Popcorn with cheese sticks

• ½ slice of whole grain toast with nut butter

• Vegetables dipped in Guacamole

• Grapes and cheese

• Boiled eggs and carrot sticks

• Clementine’s (baby oranges) and cheese

• Cucumber slices dipped in hummus

• Berries in plain Greek yogurt

• Sugar Snap peas and a handful of nuts

• Avocado on toast

• Whole grain crackers and tuna

• Cream cheese and Celery sticks

• Apple slices and peanut butter

• Pear slices and cottage cheese

• Almonds and Cherry tomatoes

• Blueberries and sliced turkey

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