Love is a tiny word, Teens and Sugar, January 30, 2022

Love is a tiny word that just grows and grows. I believe it is like a beautiful plant that is part of my garden of life because with each person I meet my love grows. We continue to work with the addiction recovery program and, wow, we love these dear people. We are so blessed to participate in their lives and help them and their family. I meet people who are in our local area and I love them, I meet people who have homesteads and I love them. It is a very special love and I am a better person because of everyone I meet. I think I will name all my plants and give them a special name to remind me of people around me. I can name the spinach, kindness and the lettuce, peace, and the tomatoes, happiness. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful garden to keep my spirits up all year long.

Rhedna by the fireplace
Writing and enjoying the fire.

Nutritional Information

Today I had a women come up to me and ask what she might do with students who have behavior problems in the school where she substitutes. I told her that their behavior is most likely linked back to their food intake. Most teenagers eat very poorly or they skip breakfast, or have a candy bar for breakfast and eat junk food and fast-food meals. They are depleted of nourishment because of sugar and heavy carbohydrate intake. Sugar acts like cocaine and they will be addicted to it. The results are anger, irritability, depression, and anxiety and acting out. She stated that it made complete sense.

We have been eating junk for too long. I ate junk when I was a teenager. I carried candy in my backpack every day. I was moody but did not know why. That was in the 70s. That is when low-fat diets came into play and if a food had no fat, it tasted terrible so the food industry added sugar. Low fat and high sugar equals low brain food, addiction, obesity and if a person started it in the 1970s and is still eating that way today, they are ripe for diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other related illnesses.

The food industry and big Pharma, put our health in jeopardy so they could make money. We can realize it and make the change for ourself. Don’t let their pocketbook make you ill. Take control and change your depression and anxiety for calmness, joy and relaxation.

3 thoughts on “Love is a tiny word, Teens and Sugar, January 30, 2022”

  1. Wendy Proulx

    Truth! Unfortunately, they stopped Home Economics class in schools, and few parents know how to put a nutritious meal on the table now. In Canada, due to the Covid related lockdowns, the children who used to go to school hungry, and would eat breakfasts, provided by the school, are fending for themselves. Too often they also suffer with behavioral problems which, I agree, is largely as a result of poor diets.

  2. I agree with you about Big Pharma and the Medical Arena. They need you to be sick to stay alive.

    It’s not only in Canada do the children fend for themselves, look around the States there are plenty there. even without Covid.

    1. Rhenda Wilson

      Thank you both for your comments. Absolutely child hunger is a terrible problem in this country, in canada, and in the world. When covid hit children became hungry. More hungry than they have been. The food that they received with the meals at school for breakfast and lunch is at least food for their tummies.
      I was coming from an additional angle stating that the food that they get given is not as nourishing for their body as it could be. But compared to ño food it was definitely better than nothing.

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