A Day Well Lived, and Roasted Vegetables, January 29, 2022

As Jim likes to say., “This was a day well lived”. I have been sleeping in for several weeks. I think it started when I was sick and I just kept doing it. Now mind you, sleeping in for us is waking up at 6:45 and talking in bed until 7:30. By that time we know we need to get up and milk the cow. But this morning, I woke up at 5 AM and felt terrific. I went upstairs to my office and worked for 2 hours preparing lessons and webinars for HealthyHope.Life, my nutrition business name.

After breakfast and all the chores, we burned tree limbs and old lumber that was too bad to do anything with. We still have a lot of limbs and would really like to put them through a wood chipper but that is still a dream. However, we really cleaned up that area. Jim used his chain saw and cut up a lot of the branches from our felled trees from last summer. We have a lot of firewood now. Free fuel.

Next, we went into the lower pasture and took down all the temporary electric fencing we had up so the pasture can be mowed. The cows are not on it right now anyway so it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed out time out there.

Lastly, we worked on the baseboard in the living room. We only had completed half the room when we moved in, but it needed to be completed to plug up holes and keep out cold. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Jim smiling sitting by the baseboard he is installing
Jim installing the baseboard

Nutritional Information

After such a busy day, I needed to prepare a meal because that task never goes away. I needed something that would not take a lot of work. Roasted vegetables to the rescue. Red potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, onions and Brussels sprouts. Then I had one of our chickens thawed and I cut it up for 4-5 meals. Legs and thighs in one bag, breasts in another, carcass and wings in a pot for making chicken soup. The breast will make at least 3 meals. To add to the roasted vegetables, I make chicken fried steak which I have not make in years. I sliced the breast very thin, dipped it in our egg and our raw milk and pressed organic corn meal into it with salt and sage for seasoning. It was yummy.

Roasted vegetables and Chicken Fried Steak
Roasted vegetables and Chicken Fried Steak

Our task to eat well is to be inventive and never let it bog us down. If you have great recipes, please share and we will make sure others can see them.