Murphy’s law, Healthiest Vegetable, February 17, 2022

Murphy’s law ruled the first part of our day and we took back our day for the second half. Jim had fixed the truck so we can drive it and the first time we took it out the check engine light went on. He knows how to pull the code and basically knows what to do but was thoroughly discouraged. It was still drivable so we hunted down a source of hay and called a friend to borrow his trailer. It was about a half hour a way and when we got there and backed up to it, we found we had forgotten to bring the ball for the trailer hitch to connect to the trailer. So, we went back home and got it, went back to pick up the trailer and then went on to pick up the hay. The GPS sent us to a field and said, “You’ve arrived”. Clearly, we had not arrived. Jim called the guy and we needed to turn left instead of right.

trailer of hay
Our hay for the Missie and Brisket

Then we put murphy back in his box. The man with the hay was so nice. He even said, “Now if you see any bales that I drop down that are not good, we will just set them aside and make sure you have all good bales”. I can tell you that not all people have been that nice or honest. He was worth the drive.

Back home again, we cleared out the barn and loaded in the small bales. No taking apart large bales this time. Later, we cleaned out the corral with manure where Brisket is and fed the animals. Tonight, we put the calf in one side of the barn so he does not get rain, ice and snow all over his coat like two weeks ago. Missie can come and go into the other side of the barn. Pigs are fed and tucked in for the night. Chickens are shut it. Wood is chopped for the fireplace and as the clouds gather for our next storm, we feel ready to relax for the evening.

Nutritional Information

Some one asked me what I think is the most nutritious vegetable to grow. According to George Mateljan, author of The World’s Healthiest Foods, Criteria for healthy food is a whole food, nutrient-rich food, familiar food, readily available foods, affordable foods and foods that taste good. With that definition, green beans are at the top of my list. Now you may love a different vegetable, and that is okay. Mine is green beans. First of all, they are a whole food. We plant our beans in well prepared soil with compost and nutrients. They are familiar to everyone. Even children like them. They are readily available and affordable. I love the way they taste. Sautéed in olive oil and water, cooked with onions and topped in butter and salt and pepper. They are an excellent source of Vitamin K and high in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and Folate and about a dozen other vitamins.

Jade green beans
Jade green beans

When I harvest them, I can take my beans by the handfuls off the vines. I plant Jade beans and am never disappointed. What is your favorite healthy vegetable?

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  1. I love vegetables, any kind, for any time. I can’t say I have favourite, but I love green beans also. I cook mine in onion and bacon. YUMMY

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