Compost, Cold Frame, Don’t go hungry, February 19, 2022

Following our morning chores, we hauled our borrowed trailer down to Springfield and picked up compost. Last year we did not try to get any until April and the city compost was all gone. It is half the price of anywhere else. This year, we are not ready for it but we now have it on a tarp, in a pile, covered up, waiting for the time when we have the garden ready for it. We got 3 cubic yards. Could we use more? Always, however, we are grateful for what we have. Last time we got compost we rented a dump trailer but this time we emptied it ourselves and happy to say, we did it quickly and without any injuries.

Rhenda and trailer full of compost
Rhenda picking up “black gold” (compost)

We spontaneously made a cold frame from an old one left on the property. It is not pretty, but it should be functional to get some lettuce and greens growing now. The windows we used for it were purchased in Oregon at a ReStore there and hauled here, and then stored here while we were off the property. When we got back, they were just waiting patiently for the time when they could be used for something useful.

Jim preparing the cold frame
Jim preparing the cold frame

We acquired another gold cat. We have no idea where it came from but when we opened the door this morning, there were three identical cats. This afternoon, they were all three laying around in the sun and in the barn. You never own a cat. They pretty much own you and come and go as they please.

We finally washed the car and then we put the framing up around the doorway that goes into the hallway in our home. Finally.

Nutritional Education

Don’t let yourself get hungry. We did today. When we are in the middle of a projects, we hate to break because it is not always easy to go back and complete it. Therefore, we keep on working until we are so hungry there was no energy left to do the project. Don’t do that. We are in just good moods today, so we were fine with each other, but, hunger can bring, irritability, anger, frustration, short tempers, and cravings for things we should not eat. Jim is preparing our meal right now and we will eat in a few minutes.

This is not nutrition but it is mood. I hope you are best friends with your spouse if you are lucky enough to have one. Treat each other with love, kindness, helpfulness and understanding. Life is a joy with an amazing partner. Feed each other and hold on to each other.

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  1. We live in SE Louisiana, and having start our lettuce/spinach garden. Y’all have inspired us. No reason to wait here, just have to prep garden and put seeds in. Thank you for your encouragement.

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