Cohabitating Pig and Chicken, Real Food meals fast, February, 20, 2022

Warm again. We are on a weather yoyo. Tomorrow will be 71 degrees and then next day 56 and then three days of snow and lows in the teens. We enjoy our Sundays because except for still having to do chores and milk we get to serve and learn. We are milking on Sunday now because we have the calf so now it is up to us. Still milking in the evening but doing less each day. Oh how I wish I had another calf for our calf to play with. He gets to see his mom and is next to the pigs, but he likes to frolic and that is hard to do by yourself and in the corral. This too shall pass.

Our animals cohabitate with each other. Whenever, we go in to feed the pigs, the cow comes running and the chickens come running. The chickens have learned that pigs are messy and they get to clean up after them. This chicken is named Tabby. We named her that because she was always steeling the cat food. She would see us feed them and come running and she would run the cats off. So I named her Tabby like a cat. Now, she is eating with the pigs and the pigs do not even care. They have never tried to eat them which is surprising because they try to eat Jim, hence the reason I will not go in their pen.

Pig and chicken eating together

Nutritional Education

How do you fix a meal in 15 minutes? Have your freezer filled with pieces of that meal and cook. When we got home from church today, I had already thawed salmon. I seasoned it and pan fried it in olive oil. I pulled corn on the cob and broccoli/cauliflower mix and green beans from the freezer and put them all on the stove. I had leftover rice, which I put on the stove, heated, dropped in a raw egg in and stirred until it was cooked, added some peas and coconut aminos. Waa-Laa. Dinner is served. It contained protein (salmon), complex carbohydrate (rice and peas and corn on the cob), and broccoli and cauliflower and green beans. Add butter for a good fat along with the olive oil. Complete meal in 15 minutes. It does not have to be complicated to eat real food.