3 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Heartiness Exercise Introduction”

  1. Penny Budinsky

    Ok I have started the 12 weeks! I’m just a bit confused on what to eat for breakfast and lunch I think I’ve got dinner down because of what you posted for the suggestions. I did my first day of exercise this morning and started the eating program yesterday. I’m a bit confused with how much fat and meat there is but I’m going to do this. I bought a product called the box and it’s all organic beef free range pork chicken etc. I just bought the chicken and pork portion, I have grass fed beef in the freezer. I have my own free range eggs and meat birds, the meat birds are two weeks old. Looking Forward to putting those in the freezer. We bought a farm six months ago and I have enjoyed watching all your videos, they help keep me inspired!
    I just wanted to keep in touch and give you a little bit of feedback and say thanks for doing this !!! God bless

    1. First of all, thank you for taking the course. Second, as far as breakfast, did you open the breakfast ebook attached with you subscription?
      Fats is gone over in detail in lesson four but don’t be afraid of meat or fat. Especially the good variety you have purchased for yourself and raising yourself. With all your meals, start with a protein, add a non-manmade carb, use a good fat, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, etc. Add a non-starchy vegetable. Use this as a rule of thumb and you will begin to learn how to plan meals.
      Lesson five will teach you menu prep and snacks. Let me know about the breakfast ebook.

    2. Eating is necessary and can be fun. We often get bogged down with meals because it sometimes appears that we get cleaned up from one meal and it is time to prepare another. Use a menu planner whenever possible. There is no rule that states meals have to all be hot with prepared courses. Lunch can be strips of a good white cheese, with a pile of good tuna, a handful of nuts, carrots sticks or cucumber slices and half a slice of sprouted bread and butter. This covers all the areas you need to eat. It is simple and makes it easy to know you are getting a variety.

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