Our Loss, Our New Dog, Our Pasture, April 16, 2022

Week 15 of 52 weeks

I give up. I am not able to write a daily blog. I will change it to a weekly blog. Life is busy but in a good way. Spring is time of moving cows on pasture, making rows in the garden, new animals and today we hauled two trailer loads of wood chips to our farm. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me recap. Thursday, April 14th we came home from leading our addiction recovery group and forgot we do not let the chickens out on Thursday because we can’t put them away before we leave. It was a fatal mistake. We lost four chickens to a racoon. Sadly, one of them was our beautiful Faithful. Spurred on with frustration and heartache we decided we could no longer put off getting an LGD, livestock guardian dog. We did not let the chickens out on Friday and Saturday morning we looked for a dog.

We wanted to get one that was affordable and had experience with Chickens and other animals. We found one in Ava. She was 6 months old. A family had gone to get one dog and came home with two, two months earlier. They decided they could just use one. She is Great Pyrenees, Akbash from her mom and Anatolian, Komondor from her dad. That means she has four kinds of LGD in her. She was sad the first day and too timid to even move because she was lonely for her brother. She warmed right up to the cat and enjoyed hearing the chickens. We named her Molly. Today she is much happier. She needs trained and we are ready to take that on. Since we don’t have a fenced area to keep her in yet, we put her in the chicken run after the chickens were in for the night. At first, she barked and then today she found it as a place of comfort and went in there when the chickens were not in there.

Molly our LGD
Molly’s first time out of the car and on our farm.

There is one thing we did not count on. She is kind to the chickens and does not want to eat them, but they are afraid of her and will not come out when she is there. One thing is for sure. There will be no racoons, foxes or other predators with her in their run. Our goal is to fence in all of zone A so she and the chickens can run free.

I need advice. Our cat will not leave my garden alone. She gets under the low tunnel and runs back and forth, ruining all my onions and leaks. Any suggestions. Even a fence does not keep a cat out. Help.

Jim is a very happy person. His paddocks are working beautifully for the cows. We see the lane where they have been and it is so amazing. Our grass is so much better than last year and next year will be even better.

Our pasture showing the cow lane.
The lane that the cows have been on

Easter week has been a week of remembrance, day by day, leading up to Sunday. It has been really wonderful sharing thoughts with my Jewish friends, Catholic Friends and my Baptist friends and my friends from our faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The world is full of wonderful people trying their best. In a world with war that we hear about every day, let us be a little kinder, loving and forgiving to those we meet and associate with.