Gates, Wind and Soup, April 7, 2022

Day 98 of 365 blogs

The cow we are taking care of on our farm for our friends is looking so much better since she came. Today we had too much wind to go work on the lower pasture perimeter fence. We did need to work on the gate because it was not setting straight. Jim had a lot of help and Brisket actually kept nibbling on his arm.

Jim fixing the fence with two cos.
Jim has a lot of help fixing the fence

I had class today so did not get a lot done on the farm. It is also our day to go lead our addiction recovery group so between the wind and other commitments it is a slow news day on the farm. We did, of course, go spend some time visiting with our neighbors.

Nutritional Education

Oh, I did make a huge pot of soup. We did process our 6-month-old rooster that was suppose to be a female. Instead, he was loaded with teenage boy hormones and he had to go. We have two very nice roosters and we want to keep them that way. Hector nor Faithful were very happy about what he was doing to the girls. I was very surprised to find out that even as young as he was, he was not tender so I just used the broth to make soup. I made the broth yesterday and today I added everything I could find. It had left over pork roast, some of our homemade sausage, a special noodle we like, potatoes from our freezer we pulled from the garden last year, corn, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini and I think that it all. We ate large bowls for lunch and then put 6 quarts in the freezer for other days. Love doing that.