Clearing Pasture, Wind, Kitty, April 6, 2022

Day 97 of 365 blogs

At the end of the day when you feel your muscles, you must have used them. Yep, we did. We are working hard to clear the brush from the outside of the electric perimeter fence. The goal is to run a riding mower or at least the flail mower of the BCS tractor to be able to keep the area cleared all the time. Preparing the ground for that requires bending over and clipping black berries and weeds so they do not touch the bottom wire seems to have made me feel my muscles. We also raked the area to check for small logs and rocks before bringing the mower through the area. We still have a long way to go but we are closer. The grass is looking really good for the cows and we hope to have them on it this weekend.

We needed to run to the store and when we got back, we realized there had been a lot of wind on the farm. In fact there was still a lot of wind. The metal roof on the chicken run was beating up and down so Jim applied several more screws. The ground cover on the slipper garden had blown up and exposed the old cardboard that was under it. I went chasing cardboard all over the yard, and then we wound up the ground cover. We had planned to plant potatoes today but the wind took their place.

We got 15 eggs today from 16 layers. Pretty good. Time to make egg custard. Oh, and the chickens are thrilled with the ground that was uncovered by the wind. It is perfect because they can prepare it for our upcoming garden.

This morning the cat ran to a small tree and climbed into the middle of it. I got a picture but I wish I had gotten a video because he was trying to stay on the small branches and at one time was hanging on with his front paws but was able to pull himself back up.He is so silly.

Kitty in the tree
Kitty in the tree

It was another great day where I felt peace.

Nutritional Education

Tonight, for dinner I used some of my pork roast cut into small pieces, mixed it with rice, sauteed cabbage, carrots and onions. Simple, delicious, healthy. Cooking real food requires having real food in the house. Then just start combining.