Elvis Memories, Why I get sick with Processed Food, March 18. 2022

Day 76 – 78 of 365 blogs

I did not send these on each day because, well, just because. I was not doing anything of interest. Yesterday though Jim came and picked me up and we drove home together. We got to drive by Graceland and at least take pictures from the rode, stating that we will come back another time when we have time. We needed to get back to lead our addiction recovery group. But let me tell you my Elvis story. When I was 15 years old and my sister was 13, Elvis came to our town to make his last movie. He was staying at a hotel about 5 miles from our home and it was arranged that the public would know when he was leaving the hotel so he could pose for pictures and give autographs. We got both. I still have his autograph and a picture of him walking toward me with his security on either side. It was a dreamy experience for a 15 year old who had his pictures plastered all over her wall, had watched every movie and read all the pop magazines. That is the only person I ever did that with. That was in 1969 but all those memories came flooding back yesterday.


Now we are both back on the farm and so happy to be home.

Nutritional Education

My most important education I can give is to train your bodies to eat real food and eat that food when you are traveling. I suffered for 4 days off and on and that is not fun. When we eat out and eat processed foods, we do not know what chemicals, preservatives or other additives they have in it that will not agree with out body. I will liken it to a heroin addict. They know what they use everyday and they can manage it. Then they stop for a couple years. Their body is clean. Then they go back and try it at the same dose they did before and they overdose or die because their body will no longer accept that as normal. It is now a foreign object in their body. That is the way I felt with the substances in my body.