Missy is home, Cleaning Little Barn, March 20, 2022

Day 79-80 of 365 blogs

We began the day participating in a gardening workshop with our church. Jim and I taught how to grow organic without being certified. Meaning, we don’t use pesticides and fungicides. It was a very enjoyable morning learning and sharing with old friends and making new friends. People comment how smart we are. No, we just try, fail and try again with small successes along the way.

Saturday was the day we brought Missy home. If she got pregnant it was on the 15th when she was in full heat but not sure if Ferdinand the small Dexter bull, was able to reach or not. We will have a Preg. check done in 30 days or so. Brisket saw mom and came galloping across the field to her. It was not ten minutes before he started nursing. Ugh….. He has been weaned for 5 weeks and away from her for 3 of those weeks, but apparently he will always want it. So, we separated them last night and Missy still did not have any milk for us this morning. We have them separated today. Brisket is with Tillamook. We will see if we get milk in the morning. Clearly, we have much to learn about weaning.

two cows
Mom and Baby together again

We tackled Little Barn in the afternoon yesterday. Jim is actually vacuuming the cob and spider webs out of the barn. At least it will look good for a couple days. Faithful and her flock have integrated themselves into the other flock. We did not mean for it to happen because we don’t want any fighting between our two roosters, Hector and Faithful. So far so good. Now we feel we need to get some grown up chickens to be in the flock because two roosters are too much for 17 chickens. I want them to have at least 10 or 12 each.

Jim vacuuming barn
Jim vacuuming spiderwebs and eggs out of little barn.

Nutritional Education

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