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May 11, 2018 Newsletter


Heartiness Approach

May 11th, 2018

Our Hearts are Filled with Gratitude for YOU

As we sit on the porch and feel the breeze, hear the birds and see the land we own, our hearts are full of gratitude. How did we get this? For everyone who has followed our journey, they know it was not an easy find. Somehow among all the places in the nation this one was saved for us. It is picturesque and everything we could have wanted.

However, this hunt for land gave us something we could never have imagined. We have friends all over. True friends. Friends that show up and offer to help, Friends that call to take care of your dog. Friends that offer wonderful advice online. Friends that support us and truly care about what we are doing.

Few people understand what we do and make sense out of it. “You What? You have friends on the internet? You have a YouTube Channel?” That is not even a world some of them know. We did not know it until we were looking something up on Google one day and found our answer on YouTube. The person with the answer was Justin Rhodes and he lead us to have the courage to make videos about our homestead and here we are.

When we talk to family members and they wonder what we are doing in our life, we say, “We make a video 5 days a week. We are pretty much an open book.” Our friends watch. My sister watches. It is a strange thing to do, but the world has become much smaller with friends in the UK, Australia and all over America and Canada.

To our YouTube friends. You are dear friends to us. When we walk at an event and someone comes over to introduce themselves because they are subscribers if fills our hearts with joy. Thank you all of you. Our homestead fills our hearts with joy but that joy is sweeter because all of you are sharing it with us.
We love your feedback. Please leave us a message at Those are private messages that only we see.

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Our 7 Layer Garden

This week we prepared our 30 inch by 50 foot garden and 8 foot y 12 foot garden. This is the layers we used:
The grass
Organic fertilizer sprinkled on
Dried Cow manure
Small amount of top soil from the property
2 inches of peat moss 4 inches of rich compost
Cardboard or 10 layers of newspaper
4 inches of old hay

We used the hay because that is what we have. We realize it may be problematic and allow weeks to come from that. We also may have invited an additional tick problem with that. We will see.

We are trying the procedure that Morag Gamble from Australia uses. She puts the cardboard last to block weeks from the compost. Again We will see.

We have only planted a few plants at this time and they are growing very well.
This video on our channel: Tutorial#1 shows how we did it.

Homemade Sausage

This recipe is from Prairie Homestead’s website. I give her full credit for this recipe.

You need 3 pounds of ground meat for this recipe. You can use any kind of ground meat. We have a lot of ground turkey from when we processed our turkeys last fall. When using a lean meat like turkey it is necessary to add a meat with more fat content for fuller flavor. An example is pork or lamb. You can use venison, elk also. We had just bought ground lamb at the farmer’s market so we added 1 pound of lamb to 2 pound turkey.
Place in a large bowl and add:
I used 1 have a large white onion. (Add to your liking)
1 Tablespoon of sea salt. I would think you could use Pink Himalayan salt also.
2 teaspoons dry ground sage
1 teaspoon dry ground mustard
3/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup real Maple Syrup

Mix all ingredients together with your hands. Make into small patties. You can fry up immediately or allow the mixture to set for a few hours in the refrigerator for all the flavors to mix together.

I placed them on parchment paper and put them in the freezer but they all stuck together. My suggestion is place them on a stick free surface and flash freeze them and then put the frozen patties together in a bag or container.

See our how to video.

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