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March 23, 2018 Newsletter

Heartiness Approach

March 23, 2018

Seven Positive Items to get Started or Start Again.

  1. When something goes in your mouth, four things go in our mouth, A Good Protein, A Good Carbohydrate, A Good Vegetable, and A Good Fat.

  2. No more refined food. The food you eat will be real food with real one or two word names. You can take several of those foods with one word names and make recipes of incredible food. True processed food is what we eat when we take whole, real food and make it into something we can eat in our own kitchen.

  3. Throw out all food with hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil or trans fats. ie: Peanut butter, pudding, crackers, cookies,

  4. Use only Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil or real butter or ghee. May also use real animal fat from the animal.

  5. Food containing sugar is all around us in every form. Become a label reader. Start to wean yourself from sugar. Go slow, sugar is a stimulant. However,do start, your health depends on it.

  6. When you do eat out, do it for a special occasion at a place you can trust the food. Hint – being too tired to cook is not a special occasion. Unless you ask, you are not going to know what kind of oil something is cooked in and 9/10 it will be an oil that can damage your body. Take your own butter and salt with you.

  7. Find Joy in Real Food and Dining, Enjoy. Do not become a slave to your food. Enjoy the process of learning. Do not allow others to dictate what you eat.

This has been an amazing week…..

Lots of snow this week on the east coast. Lots of rain on the west coast. Lots of wind in the center.
Today the bright sun glistens on the snow in the below freezing temperatures. In the heat of the summer this will be a vague memory. Mother Nature is good to remind us we adaptable.

Go to our Heartiness Approach YouTube this week and submit your guess as to where you think we are moving. Name the state. One guess per person. The contest closes Midnight EST on Tuesday March 27th. There is a nice prize package.

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This Weeks Blog

Snacks to Eat on the Run

Apples and Cheese


Oatmeal/Granola Bars


Coconut macaroons (No Sugar)

Cucumber slices

Boiled Eggs

Salad in a jar layered

Carrot sticks

Snap peas



Egg Salad sandwiches

Coconut water

Grapes in a bag

Frozen peas

Light Tuna Recipe with healthy crackers

Hot soup to go

Small meatloaf (Cold Meatloaf is the best)

Tortilla wraps with no nitrate meat and cheese and cucumbers

Please feel free to email us your ideas so we can share them with others.

Cardio Exercise Makes your Heart 20 years Younger

Turn back the clock on your heart.

We all like to say that we are young at heart. Truth is, we can be if we exercise. How much exercise does it take to remove years from our heart? The recommendation is 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. That is 30 minutes a day for 5 days. Moderate means exercising to the point that we have a little trouble trying to talk while we exercise.

Using interval training increases the value of the daily routine. This means you exercise hard for 60 seconds and then exercise moderate to easy for 120 seconds, repeating that cycle for the 30 minute routine. Adjust the times to match your capability.

Always warm up for at least 10 minutes and after the routine cool down with some stretches.

My word for your success is “Consistency”. Keep your heart young and regenerate.


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