Insulin Resistance

Too many CARBOHYDRATES bring too much INSULIN into the body which makes the cells resistant to the insulin causing fat cells to load up with cholesterol and triglycerides.

What is normal?

Carbohydrates, or the other word for it is sugar, is needed in the body. It is an important and necessary nutrient that our body requires. Let us show how you the normal flow of carbohydrate intake.

You chew and swallow a piece of toast.
Bread is broken down into sugar in the small intestine.
As sugar leaves the small intestine on its way to the liver, the pancreas sends out insulin and insulin starts the liver into action.
The liver sends some sugar to the brain and stores some as glycogen in the liver for future use when there is not enough sugar to use.
Glycogen is also made and sent to the muscle cells to be stored there for energy.
Insulin acts as a key to unlock the door on the cell walls and lets the glycogen into the cell walls.
It is normal and healthy for insulin to direct the liver to change some sugar into cholesterol and triglycerides and store them in our fat cells around our body.
Then the insulin turns off and everything is quiet and in its place until carbohydrates are eaten again.

What should not be normal?

What happens when there is too much carbohydrates or sugar?

When you eat excess carbohydrates (processed food, soda, sugar), the pancreas sends out more insulin to take the sugar out of the bloodstream and put it into the cells.
The liver works hard to keep up, but when insulin puts the key into the cell, the cell does not respond because they have become insulin-resistant. They are full and want no more.
The insulin in the bloodstream is now high.
The liver is unable to get the energy into the muscle cells.
Therefore the sugar is made into cholesterol and triglycerides so the fat cells get fatter and fatter. This kind of cholesterol and triglycerides clog the arteries.
But lets say there is too much sugar most of the time. Because the muscles are not getting the energy (sugar) they need, they are starving even though the rest of the body is getting fatter.