Time Management on your Homestead

Why Time Management Matters

Time management is crucial in order to have a successful time on your homestead. Perhaps you have a personality like ours. No matter where you live or the time of life you are in, you find yourself busy. Busy is not bad. Being too busy causes stress which causes stress on the adrenal gland, keeping us in a fight or flight state more than we should be there.

Here is a picture of our life right now.

  • Chances are one of you are still working to earn an income. Jim is still working six hours a day.Our Fixer upper - Time management required
  • We have food to grow and animals to care for.
  • We are building our community of friendship, love and support.
    • We do this by our YouTube video 5 times a week.
    • We write a Blog each week.
    • We send out a Newsletter each week.We put together 12 weeks to Heartiness course and maintain that.
    • We built a breakfast cookbook. Mornings Begin with Breakfast
  • We have an old house and need to repair areas, some that can wait, some that cannot.

Time management allows your life to be in control.

Here is how we are setting up time management.

  • Take time for ourselves.
  • Take time with each other.
  • Sit on the porch and listen to nature.
  • Walk or ride bides for exercise and enjoyment.
  • Time block

Make sure that the things that matter most are not left undone because we are doing the things that matter least.

Time blocking is the key to our success. We set aside specific time to do specific things and don’t worry about those other things we need to do until their time comes.

  • We set aside work on the computer and Jim’s work from 8 AM to 2 PM. Then we walk away.
  • We work on projects in short spurts, an hour here, 45 minutes there. This reserves our energy.
  • It is important that we read the scripture daily so that is done in the morning before anything else can stop us. We combine this with porch sitting.
  • We make ourselves stop and watch a movie or go for a drive to change our focus.
  • We talk and plan so we know what is important.
  • We plan to build pleasure stations around the homestead.
    Rhenda on a bench - Time Management

    • Benches for sitting.
    • Outdoor shower
    • Large farm table for entertaining
    • Turning areas into park-like areas
    • Making our water (creek and pond) more accessible and in better shape.
    • Set up games around the property to make us relax.
    • Set up a gazebo for relaxing and eating.
    • Set and watch the animals. Observing, smelling, watching, listening to know more.

At the end of the day….Oh yes…We need to end our day sooner.

At the end of the day, we can look back and see the small but constant accomplishments that we have make. We focus on what got done, not on what did not get done. All of these leads to emotional wellness on the homestead. Summers can be overwhelming with gardens and harvest and preserving and animals and projects.

Just keep in mind why you live this life.

Remember why you wanted to be on a homestead. Take time to breath, smile, walk, talk, eat, relax and enjoy what you are building.

You will thank yourself.

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  1. Gina L Coleman

    This article is what I needed. I truly believe in time management, but was looking on the how resently. Thank you for the how’s and why’s so we can do better again. I was dwelling on the things that weren’t getting done and feeling bad. I love the way you write!

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