Potatoes and Beans

Nutrition is in our hands. Grow your food.

Nutrition is in our hands.

Grow your food.

BAat from garden

It happens all the time. Even today, when a farmer/homesteader was asked why he started his farm, the answer was. “The only way we can eat the proper food is to grow it ourselves, because the people who are supposed to be keeping our food safe, are not doing it.”

The other conversation I hear is, “I really like what you have done, but I know I can’t do it.”

The third conversation I hear is, “I could not possible give up processed food. I am doing alright.”

Here are some facts.

A low-fat diet makes you fat.
Sugar is a stimulant and addictive.
Pesticides and fungicides are in most foods unless you buy organic and then you hope they are truly organic.
We as a society are overfed and undernourished.
Our fat cells continue to grow and our muscle cells are starving.
We can’t trust the food supply.

We find ourselves not understanding why when a person find out they have been duped by food companies, agencies, government, they don’t want to do everything in their power to turn it around.

What would it be like if everyone started eating healthy?

There was no more pesticides, no more fungicides, everyone eats organic.

First of all, someone is going to say, “we will be overrun by bugs and weeds.

Not so.

If we work symbiotically with the animals and the plants, using paddocks to rotate the large animals and follow them with small animals.

If we use the land properly and care for the soil we can control the pests and use the good beneficial insects to help.

What if everyone starts to grow their own food?Rhenda with chickenReal Food

Food becomes medication instead of drugs.
Everyone works together and we are in Camelot, Shangri La, or Heaven.

It is very unlikely this will ever happen so we must do it ourselves.

Create our own Camelot.

You remember the lyrics…

The climate must be perfect all the year.

July and August cannot be too hot.

And there’s a legal limit to the snow here

The winter is forbidden till December
And exits March the second on the dot.

By order, summer lingers through September

As homesteaders, we know that the elements are part of the obstacles we face. But we need to grow.

Grow so we can control what we eat, how we feel, and how we live out our life.

Potatoes and BeansGrow so you know what your animals are eating and what their manure is giving off and what you are putting on your garden from them.

Grow. Grow in a field, a plot, a flowerbed, a pot.

Grow for your health.

Grow so you know.