Bowel and Digestive Illnesses

Colitis is an autoimmune disease. There are foods to avoid that make Colitis worse and foods to eat to make it better. The digestive system is like your second brain. It is drastically effected by emotion and stress. So much more prevalent today are leaky gut, celiac disease, and food sensitivities. GMOs, food additives, antibiotics, and medication after medication have added to the increase in digestive issues. For instance, I have children who have developed lactose intolerance to milk. But when they drink the raw milk that we have, the issues are gone. The enzymes to process the casein in our bodies have been removed through the pasteurization process so some people are no longer able to process milk without gastric problems. That is just one example.

The GAPS diet is one I am just learning about and is said to help people with colitis. This diet removed the longer chain sugar molecules from the diet. These are polysaccharides and disaccharides. People with Inflammatory bowel disorders have compromised brush border enzymes which are needed to break down these chains. When the chains cannot be broken down they stick together in the digestive system and become a way for bacteria and fungi to increase which cause the inflammation and ulceration in the lining of the gut. The Gaps Diet removes foods that are difficult to digest and those that damage the gut flora and replace them with nutrient-dense foods to allow the intestinal lining a time of healing. Pro-biotics are essential. Bone Broth and glycine helps heal the gut.