We Took a Drive to Clear Our Heads January 4, 2022

I got cleared to go back to work tomorrow. I have enjoyed my time off even though I have been ill. Jim asked me what I wanted to do and I said, “One more drive to clear my head before I go back to work”. Driving is what we do when we want to think, create, relax.

Rhenda Laughing
Jim and Rhenda on a drive

We drove on back roads to Joplin. We had never been there and wanted to see the city that survived the worst tornado (EF5) ten years ago. We read about it, looked at a map where it was and drove around the area. New buildings replace the destroyed ones. It made us realize all the places that had been leveled lately. Paradise California, Kentucky, Boulder and Superior Colorado. Such destruction where entire neighborhoods are leveled. Such sadness. And then such brotherly love with outpourings of help, food, clothing and love. May we never have to go through that and may we be able to help others when they do.

Nutritional Information

Stress is normal, however, the amount of stress that people are experiencing is not normal. It exceeds our ability to cope, think, be happy and sometimes we can’t even find a smile. With fear of natural disasters, storms, finances, job securing and health, stress makes us sick, mentally and physically. I have a simple way to help our bodies cope. Eat protein every 4 hours. Our bodies lack amino acids because of the normal western diet. If we can provide protein to our body every four hours our brains will be fed, our fear will decrease, our dopamine and serotonin will be level and we will feel so much better. This was discussed in detail with examples of protein in the December 31,2021 blog. I will bring it up often because it is a small task to do with great rewards. Protein every four hours. You can do it. Your brain will thank you.

Feed Your Brain Healthy Food

This is a short one today. We have some things in the works to make life earlier reduce our stress. We will share as they come to fruition.

Thank you for following.