Touching Lives, 7 things to start you eating right, January 5, 2022 |

We milked our cow and then I went to work. My patients love to hear that I milk a cow before work. Many of them hear it and it takes them back to another time in their lives. Being able to touch others is one of the greatest experiences we can have in life. One of my patients called me gorgeous today. I was taken back because I was just wearing my scrubs and a white sweater but the sweater softened the look of the scrubs. It was a cold day so the sweater did not come off the entire day.

When I got home after completing my charting, which I did early tonight, we went in to watch the last DVD of MASH and discovered it was the last episode which is 2 hours long. I sobbed in the end because that show has touched our lives for many months and years. Our daughter loved it when we would watch it every night with her when she was in high school. Now she is a 35 year old mother and still has a grape Nehi sitting on her shelf with a picture of the directional sign from the 4077 showing how far to everyone’s home in the states. It is little things like that which remind us of each other and the love we have as we go through life together.

MASH Milage Sign to Home

Jim greeted me tonight with a kiss on the cheek since we are not kissing right now because of illness everywhere. It was a sweet gentle kiss and perhaps in some ways more tender than the real thing. I am so blessed to have him in my life. In less than a month we will celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary. With all of the moving we have done and the jobs we have had, one commitment has risen above all and that is our commitment to each other, How blessed we are.

Nutritional Information

Seven Positive Things to do to get started eating correctly for better health.

  • 1 – When something goes in your mouth add three other foods with it. A good protein, a complex carbohydrate, a good fat and a non-starchy vegetable.
  • 2 – No More processed food. The food you eat will be real food with real one or two word names. You can take several of those foods with one word names and make recipes of incredible food.
  • 3 – Throw out food with hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats, margarine, and most vegetable oils. Read labels on peanut butter, pudding, crackers, cookies. This is one of the hardest one to do.
  • 4 – Use only Olive oil, Coconut oil, real butter, or cook homemade lard or avocado oil for cooking.
  • 5 – Food containing sugar is all around us in every form. Become a label reader. Start to wean yourself from sugar. Do not do it overnight, you will most likely fail. Go slow, it may take weeks or months.
  • 6 – When you do eat out, do it for a special occasion at a place you can trust the food. Hint – being too tired to cook is not a special occasion. Unless you ask, you are not going to know what kind of oil something is cooked in and 9 times out of 10 it will not be olive oil.
  • 7 – Find joy in real food and dining. Enjoy.