Warm at Last – January 12, 2022

Well it came today. He worked on it all day and it is now completed. One man did it all by himself.  Now we will be warm and cozy.  We no longer have to use space heaters in our home. We have a fireplace with a great new insert and a steel tube up the chimney. Our little cottage is slowly getting new and better and safer. We love our little home. When we first bought it, it was a mess and the owner who sold it to us said don’t put to much into it. It would be like putting lipstick on a pig. But we surprised him when we took it down to the studs and put in new insulation and walls and opened up rooms. We have much more to do and it will come but for now we can keep warm and it will look nice also. If it was a pig, its is okay because we like pigs.

We are finally getting the rest of our baseboard for our living room to keep the cold out and make it look amazing. That is one project that goes fast and looks amazing. Can’t wait. Someday we will get the molding boards for the windows and doors.  Oh and I am still hoping to get the stairs painted this winter. Slow and steady like Tonnie, my turtle. By the way my book is still available on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3K5KWMq   Jim wants to give Tonnie her own YouTube channel and animate her. After all, she does have a lot of lessons to teach us.

Cover from the book, Tonnie the Turtle
Tonnie is a Turtle
By Rhenda Wilson
illustrated by Gabrielle Rasmussen

Oh, I am feeling much better today. Had a coughing spell this morning but doing better. Rested the entire day. I think I will feel like myself tomorrow.

Nutritional Information

Aging is something that happens to all of us. Genetic aging predetermines maximum total life span because the cells of the body are genetically programmed to die. Life spans vary from person to person. Then there is metabolic aging.  This is what we can control through stress, diet, exercise and toxic chemicals. Metabolic aging happens because of daily nutrition and lifestyle. Many people today live long but not well.

My experience is that those who are in their 90s and ill are in much better health than those who are in their 60s and ill. Occasionally I find a person who has defied all the good rules of nutrition, smoking and lifestyle and they sneak past the odds and live long. But the majority of us pay for how they live. If my husband and I stop living the nutritional and physical lifestyle we know to live our bodies tell on us almost immediately. That is why dozens of people have told me, “Don’t get old”. They ache, hurt, slump, experience a decline in their immune system and develop degenerative diseases. But there is a way to help. Live better, not just longer.

Sometimes a forget that I speak in another language so let me define degenerative disease. When the cells are affected by its surroundings in a negative way we begin to degenerate. Some of the diseases classified as degenerative disease are. Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), cancer, dementia, long-term depression, early menopause, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), morbid obesity, osteoarthritis, strokes and the most prevalent of all Type 2 Diabetes.  

We do have control over your own aging.   Our bones, muscles, teeth, cells, connective tissue, glands, organs, hair, nails, antibodies, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters are all made of protein. These are structural and functional biochemicals. When we do not eat enough food and the correct food we do not have enough nutrients for our bodies to rebuild once we use up these biochemicals. Our metabolism becomes unbalanced and even damaged with more biochemicals getting used up than you are replacing or more being put in than you are using up.

This is why I talk about protein so much. I do not say eat a high protein, low carb diet. I say start with a good protein and add a complex carbohydrate, a good fat and non-starchy vegetables. That is a balance of food that will feed you body well and help with the degeneration. Bodies do not like processed food.

4 thoughts on “Warm at Last – January 12, 2022”

  1. So happy for the warmth of a fireplace for you. What a blessing. It will be so much more cost effective and cozy than space heaters.

  2. I am trying to decide between a wood stove insert and a free standing wood stove. Any insight on one over the other? Yours looks absolutely amazing!!!

    1. Rhenda Wilson

      We had no choice but to get an insert. And we are very happy with it. The fan on it is amazing and it heats our home very nice. We think if we didn’t have a fireplace we wanted a free-standing because there’s more surface area to heat it up and you can have it come out the pipe and blow out the pipe also. I saw one person who put it in like that and it was well over $4,000. We are certainly not experts on the subject but we are very happy with what we have. We have a 2450 regency

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