Sunrise, Our date night LIVE, and Spinach growing ideas, February 11, 2022

This morning I stood in front of my kitchen sink and took a deep breath. For there in front of me was the most beautiful sunrise. It was so powerful that the rays made a 360 depress glow. I ran outside to take a picture which I am sharing, but pictures seldom do them justice. Today as I was going to my neighbors house it started raining on me and I looked up there was clouds all around but only blue sky above. I guess the clouds were sending rain sideways. It wasn’t much rain but it was rain from blue sky.

Sunrise on our homestead

We just completed our first LIVE video on YouTube in a very long time. We were thrilled with the turnout and the wonderful conversation with our dear homesteading friends. We walked about #Seniorsteading. What a wonderful group of people. Thank you everyone.

Our chores are down to a quick routine now. We can do them in 15 minutes. (Excluding milking). The chickens put themselves to bed and we go out and shut the door. Now It is just a matter of getting the gardens in. If we were still in Oregon, February brings many kinds of flowers. We know that the red buds will be putting on their show in a couple months. We have had such a mild winter. Hope we get rain for the spring.

Nutritional Information

Tonight on the LIVE YouTube, we shared ideas of how to grow spinach. I want to share four types of spinach that were shared with us that are perennial. Malabar, Okinawa, Longevity, and British. They die down part of the year and then come back. It seems most people have trouble growing spinach, but we were also told to plant it directly into the ground in mid winter and as it gets warm enough it will be begin to grow. I will be doing that next week. Dolly suggested that we try growing spinach from seed tape. It is such a nutritious vegetable; we need to learn to succeed at it.

Please share your growing tips.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise, Our date night LIVE, and Spinach growing ideas, February 11, 2022”

  1. I live in maine and have always struggled to grow spinach. Last year i tried winter sowing in milk jugs, set them into a safe place (this year i have to shovel a spot into the snow) and leave them. I had the best results i’ve ever had and we were eating spinach for a long while. –karen

    1. Rhenda Wilson

      Karen, this is so intriguing to me. So if I understand correctly from you and from Lois who also talked about planting and she’s in Canada, we should just go plant it in the ground or in a container outside now in the winter and it will grow?

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