Morning chores, a run-away calf and a Bowl of food, February 1, 2022

Up to milk and then went out to complete yesterday’s project of the putting ground cover on the driveway garden. It is now complete. We already have onions and garlic growing from the fall and they are under hay, under a floating row cover for the onions and plastic for the garlic. Jim is out in the field mowing. He is just using our little riding mower because it is all we have but he is taking down those wild blackberry bushes before they have a chance to get too tall. We were expecting rain by 10 AM so he is doing as much as he can before then.

Picture of garden with ground cover
We will put a caterpillar tunnel over the entire garden

After Jim finished mowing for the day we walked where it was mowed and saw all the hay-looking grass. We thought Missie might like it. Now mind you, the electric fence is not working right now because we are still clearing the brush on the outside of the fence. We stood there as Missie came down to eat and she did not like the cut grass but found some of the uncut grass to eat. 7 ½ month old Brisket came along and we watched closely. Missie never ever tests the fence. She respects it. Brisket barreled right through it and went frolicking where ever he could. I ran and got the hay in the wheel barrel named, Hank, that they are use to running too. Brisket came running and ate and walked as we got them both back in. That did not work. Oh well.

Cow eating hay
Brisket eating hay and following us
cow following food
This is a demonstration of how the cows follow the wheelbarrow named Hank, when it is full of hay

Nutritional Information

As I look in healthy cookbooks and they are making out menus, I find complicated expensive recipes. I want to provide simple, affordable meals. One of my favorite meals to prepare are bowls filled with a mixture of a protein, such as chicken, beef, or pork or a combination of them adding a myriad of vegetables plus a complex carbohydrate of brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta. The secret is to add a small amount so it is there for substance but not adding more than needed. Cook your meat in a good fat, like olive oil, coconut oil or butter, (cooked on low for the butter), and add many, many vegetables. When using rice, I will sprinkle with coconut amino which is my substitute for using any soy. For Italian I use homemade pasta sauce and freshly shredded parmesan cheese if you have it.

Here is how to make it:

Before cooking the other ingredient, start cooking your pasta, rice, quinoa, or other complex carbohydrate. Cook your meat separately, adding seasoning of choice and once done, take it out of the pan and set aside. Add the vegetables to the same pan and sauté until tender. Add back in the meat. Mix together with the veggies and the meat. Add the sauce of choice and there you have a bowl. Bowls are best shared with someone you love over a good conversation.