Lessons from the snow, Learning from our weight, Februay 2, 2022

Our world was white and icy today. The coop doors were iced shut. When we did get them open, the chickens did not want to come out. Poor Brisket had ice hanging from his coat. We are clearing out a room in the barn for him tonight. We have to separate the cow and calf or we get no milk but he has not had an indoor place to be like his mama does. On really bad nights we don’t separate them so they both can have a dry covered place, but we did not know the ice was going to hit before morning. We felt so bad. I brushed his coat to get some of the ice off. Cows stand in the field all the time in herds and are not covered but that is not the way we want to raise our animals.

I went to drive up to my neighbor’s home today and got to the end of my driveway and turned to go up their driveway and the wheels just began to spin. I backed up to straighten the car and could not make it up their small hill because of the ice under the snow. I drove back home, put the car away, put on a better coat, shoes, hat and gloves and walked through the pasture to their home. We spent a delightful hour together. That experience is a lot unlike homesteading. We start out to do something and find that it is more difficult, time consuming or that we must find a different way to do it. AND, we find the way and we do it. When we have land, we have a resilience that we never had before We have more determination. It is not as easy to say, “We can’t”. Instead, we say, “We will find a different way”. I am grateful for those lessons.

Picture of snoy field
My path to my neighbor’s house. From my porch to the top of the picture

Nutritional Information

That same persistence is what is needed to make a lifestyle change in our diet and to determine that much of the time, we have control of the diseases that our body develops, It took me a long time to realize that what I eat really did have something to do with my health. I am not sure why all we look at is our weight. Clearly, we know if we eat twinkies, donuts, candy bars and ice cream all the time that our weight is going to up. We will feel our waistline get thick and our clothes do not fit as well. We almost all understand that concept, but we fight the concept that this same food, is damaging our cells inside because of the sugar, lack of nutrients, and empty calories. Calories is not something I ever look at and in a future blog I will explain why. But just for today let us allow ourselves to understand the concept that if the waistline increases, the other cells in our body are being affected by the type of food we eat.