Positivity over Negativity is always better, January 16, 2022

A snowy day with clear roads is a gift to enjoy. Our talks and presentation went well for our addiction recovery program promotion today. We had good questions and comments. I think it is the best talk Jim has ever given and he liked mine also. Then we had an hour where we shared videos and talked about the program. It is humbling to be working in an area where we can help so many if they just have courage to walk through the door.

The cows are only eating hay right now and we need to find another source to replenish the hay by the end of the week. We were so blessed to not have to start feeding hay until Christmas day. It is a juggling act during the winter months. I have an acquaintance who has their entire year of vegetables in a storage place on their farm. They live in the northeast with subzero temperature. Her husband went out at 4:30 in the morning to make sure they had not lost all the vegetables for the year since they have a CSA and provide food for many people. It has always been amazing to me how much we live by the weather. The weather rules the activities. My dad told me once that the first thing he did each day was check the weather because he had to know how to dress for the day and what conditions he was going to be facing. In his journal it often started with the weather.

We look at our life and realize it did not turn out the way we thought financially, but we have such a great life. We get to do almost everything together. We think alike (most of the time). We watch each other when the other isn’t looking and just admire. We have always enjoyed reading to each other. We have done it since we were newlyweds. Now we have a fireplace to do it in front of. Our marriage grows better every day. We just love each other.

Jim and Rhenda sitting in front of the fireplace, reading.
Reading to each other in from of the fire

Nutritional Information

The book we were reading in the picture is called The Longevity Plan, by Dr. John D. Day and his wife Jane Ann Day. Many times, he visited the village of Bapan, China where most of the people there are Centenarians. He went there to understand their lifestyle and how they lived to be over 100 years old. In his chapter on good food, it was discovered that they ate all the food they wanted with no restrictions. Their food was nourishing. Brown rice was the staple. “A bit of animal meat, but not much. Nothing processed. No refined sugar. Lots of roots and tubers. Lots of wild fruits, garden vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. Whole grains, never refined, and not too much”. A side note. Most Chinese are lactose intolerant so no dairy products. He found that their food had a purpose and when they understood the purpose they ate until they were full.

As a doctor he found that if he could get his patients to understand the positivity of certain foods and the purpose of what that food does for the body, he no longer had to talk about the negative aspects of food they should not eat. We like that concept. Positivity is always better than negativity. When I teach my clients to eat better, we add in the positive food until there is not room for the negative food. This week when you eat something, ask yourself, ”What will this do for my body”? If you are not sure, ask me! Have a wonderful week, eating wonderful food.

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  1. Sounds like a great book. I will have to keep an eye out for it. Have you read about the Blue Zones? Very fascinating and full of good info

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