Our Day’s Adventure and A change in my Focus, January 22, 2022

Wow, what a day. Today was suppose to be an adventure. We had planned most of the week to take a drive. We love to take drives, however, when I woke up I thought about what would make be happy and feel good about the day. I brought up 4 different projects on the farm that would be fun to do and by doing them would make us feel good. We choice cleaning out around the woodshed. Now they may not seem fun to you and it was certainly a lot of work, but what we accomplished is really great. There was lath from the house that had been taken out of the walls of the house 3 eyars ago people who were going to be buying our home at the time. There was a huge stack on each side of the woodshed and large piles of logs that needed cut up with grass and weeds growing through them. We got one side all cleaned up, sorted and put into containers to use as kindling for our fireplace insert. Jim cut up some of the logs and moved I moved them onto a pallet that we covered with a tarp. Anyway, it feels cleaner and neater and more organized. So, it was our adventure today. We will have an adventure in the car next week. Adventures are what we make them. We soaked our tired muscles in Epson salt bath and will sleep well tonight.

Our woodshed project
The Beginning of the Adventure

We finished the night by going and buying a Custard Ice Cream to reward our hard work. Sometimes, you just have to reward yourself with what you really want, and I really wanted a custard ice cream.

Nutritional Information

I have a website called HealthyHope.Life. It is where these blogs are kept and it is where my nutrition business is run from. I have been focusing on women with abdominal weight gain, fatigue, and depression. I will still do that, but I have felt another call to focus on a population that really needs me. Jim and I lead a 12 step addiction recovery group each week and then another one for family and spouses. It is through our church and we are missionaries called to that position. Last fall as I was working on my Master’s in Holistic Nutrition and working as a nurse, I was also completing a certification in Mental health and Addiction Nutrition Therapy Coach. I loved it, however, I had spread myself too thin and could no put myself into it the way I needed too. I cannot get it out of my head and I know I am supposed be to making that my focus. So I am switching things up a bit and working on the website to put new programs in there that will be applicable.

Addiction comes in many varieties and most people have one or more addictions. Here are some examples. By the way, people do not want to admit they have an addiction, no matter what it is. Alcohol, drugs (both street drugs and prescriptions drugs, pornography, sex, gambling, phone games and social media, sugar, caffeine, soda (mostly I see Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper), spending, TV watching, etc. Get the point. Now it does not matter the addiction, the brain gets wired to that activity and is out of control with that activity. Feeding the brain is a huge asset to any addiction. In fact it is the only way to stop the cravings. There are three areas that assist in helping a person over addiction. Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Biochemistry which is where nutrition comes in. This involves amino acid therapy and works for addiction, depression, anxiety and even ADHD. Food is such an important part of our health. I used to thing that was bogus, but now I know that what we put in our body is what makes our body function and it responds to what ever fuel we put in our body.

Amino Acids come from Protein being eaten and they bread down into different areas they need to go to in the body. What do amino acids do? Some of the biggest biological task that amino acids do are as follows.

Creating your actual cells and body tissues.

Promoting the growth and repair of all parts of your body.

Creating the enzymes needed for the production of all hormones as well as for digestion.

Promoting the proper functioning of the blood.

Making possible the intricate communication within the brains and between the central nervous system and the endocrine and immune systems.

Creating energy by converting to glucose, blood sugar and glycogen (a sugar stored in the liver and used for emergency energy).

So over throughout my blogs, not only will there be basic nutrition but also information about amino acids and what they have to do with depression, anxiety, obsessiveness and compulsivity, exhaustion and high levesl of stress, irritability and anger, muddled thinking and fogginess.  Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D

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  1. Thank you Rhenda for this blog.
    I always learn something and you and Jim are encouraging folks.
    I did have a hard time finding your blog, I was not able to find it on your website or under your video.
    God bless you and I will be following you on the tv, where I cannot make comments.
    All the best!

    Ranay from Mass
    Growing a backyard garden and wishing we could raise chickens!

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