Animals bring joy, January 18, 2022

We had an animal day. Well, everything we did was for the animals. We unloaded a full ton of hay. We relocated the pig area so they have a new place to play and root. It was a lovely day full of sunshine and work that let our bodies know we have muscles. We were together and it was fun. Tomorrow the pigs move because we did not get quite done and so we will end up doing the last part in colder temperature. Today was 58 degrees and tomorrow will be a high of 36 and a low of 7. Well, it is January.

Rhenda sitting on bails of alfalfa.
Rhenda sitting on our new alfalfa.

Animals are such a joy. Yes, they are work but they give us so much.  The cows are creatures of habit. They know the routine and try to push us sometimes. If they see us walk towards the barn, they are sure it must be feeding time. They are sure the are at the top of the food chain on the farm. Pigs come to the fence each time we get near them because they are sure we are going to feed them again and again. The chickens were clear out in the lower pasture scratching the ground and getting what every they could. The farm feels alive.

Nutritional Information

 Tomorrow we are having company and I am always perplexed as to what to serve for dessert. But I am going to make a rustic pear tart It is made with whole wheat flour and very little sugar and the pears are laying in the pie shell as the sides are pulled up half way on it. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and share the recipe if it works. I have make it before but it has been a long time. Generally, we will have some kind of fruit for dessert. Sliced apples or cooked apples like I make in the snack video . We also have served sliced oranges, sliced bananas and peaches and cream. Real food with natural sugar of it’s own. This is a short one today.