I want to be a Seniorsteader when I grow up. January 20, 2022

I am but a child in the ions of time and at any given time have so much to learn, grow and become. It matters not that I am a senior. I can honestly say that I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up so perhaps, I have finally grown up. I want to be a homesteader and since I am a senior, I want to be a SenorSteader. I love what we do. I even love the cold weather when we are together doing the chores. Jim and I work like a morning and evening dance with the steps coming without thought. We complement each other. When he steps forward, I step backward and remain in step.

Jim and Rhenda wearing their SeniorSteading shirts
We are #SeniorSteaders

Tomorrow an important video comes out for us. After 4 years we are putting out a new trailer for our YouTube channel. This is part of our life and now part of our livelihood. Being healthy, without disease is why we have a homestead. It is why we live on the land, why we raise our food and why we steward the animals. Living together in harmony with each other and with the land is our goal and now that we know what we want to be, since we have grown up. We do not have to have any other distractions now, just our homestead.

Eating good food is a joy to share not only with out body but with out friends. Dining is a sweet experience to excite the taste buds, comfort the tummy, and entice the nose. Preparing real food and cooking different recipes is a love we have, especially doing it together. Choose it, prepare it, share it, eat it.

Nutritional Information

Why do I share nutritional information? Because lifestyle acquired disease in all around us. I may not get through life without some of these diseases but I am going to do everything that I have control over to stop them. There is no 8-week plan to make you all better. There is no pill to take and you are healthy. It takes effort, thought, planning and a real desire to be well. It takes a lifestyle change.

This is my suggestion. For some of you this suggestion will be so easy because you are already doing it. But for some of you, you will not think it is possible. I want you to do a week’s worth of shopping and not put anything in your cart that is manmade. No jam, boxes or cookies or crackers, cans of soup, frozen pizza or ready-made meals. You can may Dave’s Killer Bread, no sugar peanut butter, no sugar ketchup, coconut sugar, olive oil, butter, and other supplies such as that. Seem impossible? It is hard to start with but it can be done and we do it all the time now. Learn to make as much as possible from scratch. The flavor is better, the ingredients are better and your health will be better.

Ready set SHOP….